Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My 1st Video upload

well i managed to trade the evening racing at kempton only 8 of them mind, making a profit in all of them, i decided to make a video but found i was too concerned with it and it effected my concentration as it was obvious to which way the market was heading, i think i did 2 and a bit trades using £50 stakes for a profit of £2.50, but it could have been so much more as the odds went from 7.2 to 9.2 in 6 minutes.

Heres the video.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So i a stuck in a hotel in leicester

Only a few miles away is the race course which ran today, i used the Toy and traded on all but 3 races today taking in my best amount for a long £108.68, how have i managed this?, well i increased stakes depending on which horse i was "working" there were a number of odds on favs who's odds were moving up and down and i just placed lays/backs a number of times, my stakes were £100/250 by far the most i have used, but to be honest i was very hyped... perhaps i need to go to hotels more often :)
I also had william hill radio on, they talked up a few horses with about 1/2 minutes to go, 1 was trading at 13's to back and i could see large amounts of cash building up so i backed it with the intention of getting out either for the small loss or profit as it was i laid it for 11's then hedged, cheers william hill radio.
Below is the P/L
no trades tonight as i am off out and head home tommorow.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Traded for around 2 and 1/2 hours taking in £32.98, again i heard on attheraces the fact that from January all evening races will become twilight racing probably starting at 2.30 with the last race at 6.30, i am not happy with this as the 4 evening races are my main times for trading due to work, i am off till Friday but as i write this i am in a hotel in Leicester, will more than likely have a blast on this afternoons races as the wifi seems stable running at 4.8mbs.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Evening races to become twilight racing?

Heard on at the races this evening that there will be changes on scheduled race times for evening races, these will now become twilight racing, i am not happy of that is the case as the bulk of my trading is done on the evenings.

Today was a good day for me, i traded the early races from 11.50 till 13.30 as i was off out to a football match, during this spell my p/l was £32.89, very happy with that i found reading the way i thought the odds would go was a breeze at times having said that i took 2 losses of £2.34 and £2.56.

The evening races at wolves too was very good, i traded on Bee Stinger who's odds were 2.04 to lay which i did for £100, thats the biggest stakes i have used for a long long time, i had offsets set at one so as soon as the lay was taken the back was placed, however the odds on bee stinger drifted all the way up to 3.1 and i was on the ride, backing/laying, taking a tick profit of loss, my total bets were

Bee Stinger * 2.53 3,366.55 Back 5,148.70
Bee Stinger * 2.52 3,378.90 Lay -5,136.34
*Average odds
P/L from this race was £12.36

I had actually worked up to £22.50 odd at one point, but misread the way the odds were going as it was at the end of its drift and close to the off, but more than happy with the eventual return, Bee stinger went on and won the race at betfair starting price of 3.05, i have no idea as to the why the drift but it was easy to spot.

i ended up on a profit for the day of £53.56

Will have a bash tommorow, and a few hours on Monday as i am due to go away for a few days, will be taking the laptop with me, however trading will be a rare even i have favorite Toy installed.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Little to report

very very little to report, i went to the cinema with my young lady :-) came home and then did some light trading on the usa races as i type i have made £1.98 profit, the last few minutes on the favs see's most of the action with some big amounts being traded, i have at the races which helps when to get out :)


Thursday, 3 December 2009


I got away from work early and traded some of the late races and then the wolves meeting, i also did some of the early yank races which brought in a few pennies :) total p/l was £21.81

Heres a shot of the Toy the race is the 14.45 at wolves you can see the backs and lays to the left, i was in tacking a tick, losing a tick, scratching and then greening up.

Get the Toy, link to the left


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tuesdays results

I traded just 13 races this afternoon having got away from work later that i thought i would, managed to get £12.95, i then decided to have a quick play on the Greyhounds ecking out a couple of pounds, to end the day on £15.78, before heading off to football.
Again the Toy proved its worth, this was after i downloaded the newest version with some new bells and whistles, well Weight of Money & Traded volume streaming charts in the ladders, not my cup of tea but one is able to turn them off, infact the toy can be as basic or indeed full of graphs and other stuff as you want.
I'll hopefully put some more pictures of the toy up soon, not sure if i'll get any trading done in tommorows evening races as i am due to work late.



Sunday, 29 November 2009

Saturday and Sundays results.

Well Saturday was a good day for me i traded in 28 markets and ended up profitting to the tune of £30.37, Sunday traded to a profit of £15.48 from 12 markets including 1 of net £0 and -3.92, so weekends total Trading p/l £45.85, but theres more i accidently left a back bet in un-matched for £16.53 and because i have had take sp when it goes in play i was matched at odds of 7.99, the horse was Star Strider which went on and won, i had also traded another selection, i had 3 ladders open and had changed star strider to the other selection, it was 7f race which i was listening too, i only realised i had an open "bet" in the final few yards, as i was listening to betfair radio, i pulled up star strider just as it was hitting odds of 1.01 so i just left and profitted by £128.68, this was nothing more than a fluke, but after losing on trading the stateside races due to the early suspension i was more than happy, i worked out had it lost i would have lost my stake of £16.53 but minus the postion i had traded in the other selection and the days profit i would have been a pound or so up so would not have been a great dissaste, so my weekend Profit ended at £ trading for me till tuesday afternoon,
Till then.


Oh by the way get the TOY, the link is to the right, it is a great Toy !!!

Friday, 27 November 2009

2 day Update

I have managed to trade the last 2 days for a profit of £63.09, almost clawing back my dumb mistake on the USA markets, still having a play on them as the money has increased, some races top £100k, so its possible to scalp/nick ticks, just make sure your out well before the off.

I am using the "Toy" which is superb, but i have had a few markets pause, but by closing and reopening the market its cured.

I'll add a link for the Toy, its free to use for now.

Below is a Screen shot of one of tonights races, taking in £3.30, i had several with this amount at Wolves and Dundalk, whilst others werefor £2.29 down to £0.67 and a small loss of £0.45p this was after i was waiting to be matched i had selected take SP, Which it did i then redded up.
Happy days.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

what a an idiot

Well, i have always preached about not letting things go in play....More on that in a while, yesterday i had a good 2 hours or so in the afternoon trading the Horses, using the "toy" what a great piece of kit that is however its early days for me and because its new i used small stakes of £5/10 scalping 1 or 2 ticks then hedging, i worked my way to a profit for the afternoon of £14.09, now here comes the idiot in me i went out last night to a football game, came back and decided to have a go at the USA races, started off well taking in £1.09, then £0.76p and few other £'s then in a race just after 11, i laid a horse at odds of 8.8 for £10 not noticing that it was seconds left before the off then bang the race is suspended and there off, i have at the races on, who are showning the race and the bugger goes onto win.... Argh no inplay, take sp for a counter trade so i am down £78 and not happy, of course all my own fault and another lesson learnt.

As for the toy, as i have said iam indeed impressed and will contiune to use it, but must steer clear of the usa races or look at the clock, the Toy could do with the clock being a bit bigger imo, i know betangel is large and is detachable.

Any way looking to try and at least salvage some of the lost monies soon, i will increase the stakes to a level i was at a few months ago that being £20/40... and dont lay with 0.2 seconds before the off.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Why no updates?

Well its been a while mainly due to the fact that i am finding it increasingly hard to trade due to Software issues, i paid for a years subscription to fairbot only to find during trading it would freeze this is sad news as FB is/was my favorite application, i emailed them last week and said i had had issues and they have agreed to refund me :) (but as yet it has not turned up in my bank account) I then down loaded Racingtraders "Evo" and on my 1st day of use was very very impressed but since then it has been like a dead dog, i have posted on thier forum 2x images 2 minutes apart 4 and 2 minutes before the start of the race, the odds have not moved as it is static and getting 0 data from betfair, i have also got the cheap and cheerful betpod pro (£5 a month) again this suffers, but much to my surprise the only platform to have stable connections in my armory is BET-IE but its rubbish as a trading platform.. so thats it, i guess i could pay up and have bet angel and give that a go, i have the free grid version and it runs well set at refreash rate 1, slow but better than the above only no ladders or indeed faster refresh rates..

I wonder what other peoples thoughts are?
Is betfair now oevr populated and cannot cope with the demand?
I have been doing some stuff backing using spreadsheets in the place markets small stakes but making profits daily, looks like i may have to continue that until a solution can be found.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Just 1 hour traded today

Managed to catch last hour or so today taking in £3.78 :) hoping to get a bit more as my rustiness wares off.

Monday, 5 October 2009

My 1st post for a while

Glad to say i managed to make a little profit today £5.03p, which was hard work for me as i seemed very rusty, either way it was good to be back :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Time out.

I have not posted for a while as i have not traded for various reasons, number 1 being my mind set, i lost a very dear and close friend a couple of weeks ago and it has hit me very hard.
I am now sprucing things up on my laptop now that i have sorted out my ISP issues i had, i have gone to BT total broadband option 3.

Looking forward to a return but feel i may be a tad rusty

Cheers and good luck to all

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Trading Chances

It dawned on me last night whilst trading the evening race meetings, that as from next week evening racing will get less and less where we will get to the stage that the only chance for those of us that Trade partime ie evenings will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if we are lucky on the all weather tracks, this will leave me with a 1/2 day midweek and Saturday when not at football and sundays... how will i cope?

well i guess there are the dogs> no chance !
Football so many markets, and pitfalls and its all inrunning so not sure !!

My P/L was just £22.37 last night i took a couple of small losses, including one of £5.45 luckily as this selection went on and won and inrunning it never hit the odds that would have seen me make a smaller loss or indeed a profit, hence its always best to take the loss, it would have been smaller as i placed 1 trade, took the loss then re-entered the market only to see the odds go against me again, so i left it after that, moved onto the next market where i managed to pick up £3.89, then the next £2.67 so i had recovered my loss.

and to end, from a previous post.

"Get rich slow, get skint quick.
Trade pre race and don't let it go IR, take your losses quickly and be disiplined."


Monday, 17 August 2009

The weekend+ exchange-secrets

I traded Friday evening, Staurday afternoon and sunday afternoon of the 3 days Sunday was the best for me, pulling in £53.65, Saturday was £42.03 and Friday £27.89.
I have now come to the end of my 15day trial with fairbot which i like a heck of a lot, i have downloaded bfexplorer but to be honest a weeks trial is not long enough, as it offers a lot trading/dutching, autotrading, autoclose postitions i do plan however to give it a go this evening when i get home from work, Next up will be Gruss but it seems i have trialed it before as it says so when i tried to run it, i may pay for the minimum time and try it that way.
I will also be doing bet angel for a month but fairbot at the moment is my prime favorite who knows that may yet cahnge.

Has anyone else seen this?

Now i take my hat off to Adam however if i were pulling in £1500/2000+ a day a website looking for subscribers at £55 a month is the last thing i would want to do, its not as though he is "short" of cash is it.


Thursday, 13 August 2009


Thanks to Paul on another post i have had a look up for Gruss, i may try it tonight if i get home form work in time, and maybe tommorow evening.

Just been watching this video showing stop losses at work, best part of any trading platform imo.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This evenings P/L

I had a friend round this evening to demonstrate trading, because of this i was very cautious using smaller stakes ranging from £8 to £25, working across the 3 ladders watching and waiting for an opening Scalping a tick when i could which was a fair few times in some of the races, i managed to wingle out a profit of £23.76 from 16 races including 1 loss of £4.29 where 2 horse i traded on the odd went against me, as i was showing my friend the perils of trading and when to take a loss it just so happened the horse i had laid 1st romped home, had it gone in play the loss would have been far larger.

I actually enjoyed his company and the trading was stress free :)

My isp is still p"£!" poor, looks like i am going back to BT as the person i spoke with tells me that there option 3 broadband is unlimited.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Betfair trading platforms and Monday evening results

Mondays nothing spectactular, just pure scalping 9 races p/l £18.79

I use or have used the following API products.

A quick run down,
Bet-ie Cost me £97 for trading its crap, for multi dutching backing or laying its fine, it looks like some from windows 95/98 era and could do with a major overhaul, i cannot remmember last time i actually used it.

Fairbot coming to the end of my 15 day trial period, as my last trial was for version 2.51 and they brought out 2.6 the day that ended i ended up with another 15 days :) Fairbot for Trading/scalping is a great piece of kit, i ilke to use the offset bets, where it instantly lays or backs the opposite when matched, also the stop loss feature is much improved as is the new take SP when gone into play thus closing your trade, example you trade just before the off say you back at 7.0 and are looking to get a lay matched at 6.8, the race jumps off and the be lay is cancelled you are instantly matched at SP this could well be 7.00 or 6.8 either way your matched and looking at a small loss or profit ratherthan sweating hoping the odds go in your favour inrunning.

Another goood platform, quick to use for scalping when it does not "hang" or freeze this has happened to me, tools take and age to set up for stop losses ect, although the new version (when released some time early june :) ) will have right click stoplosses, it is now rather dated imo but still works :) cost is determined on minutes purchased in blocks of 500, 1000, 2000 or monthly quartly and yearly they are fairly priced and offer 6 months for 3 and other great deals. i am looking forward to the new version and giving it a good whirl.


Trading on the ladders is lightening fast, i also like the profit or loss column on the new version so its just a matter of clicking how much you want to lose or indeed win depending on the way the odds are going, right click stop losses are a bonus too, not sure about all the Graphs as they only show what has happened in the past and it seems too much information at times, i usually have a quick glance thats it no matter which platfporm i use.

The new kid on the block and still in its developement tbh i paid £5 for a months worth of subscription and the version changed numerous times in that period, which is a good thing as they are trying to develope it, as with all the others its 1 click submission on the ladder or grid, with green up button, also has 1 click stop losses which i really like. Cost is £5 a month


at the moment fairbot is my numero uno/firm favorite but i will try a month with betangel but as i dont like paying subscriptions, i will look long term after this period, fairbot is a one off payment of £87 i think for 1 year which is a bargain imo.
I will eventually settle for 1 API product and stick with it.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Words of wisdom

Picked this up on a forum elsewhere.

"Get rich slow, get skint quick.

Trade pre race and don't let it go IR, take your losses quickly and be disiplined."

Which i fully concur with.

stay lucky

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Saturday and Sundays results.

Just a short note to post my P/L for the weekend.
Saturday i was at football so only traded on the 3 early races then the early evening races when i got back as i was going out for a meal so total of 8 races traded with a profit of £17.40.

Sunday 21 races traded P/L £41.35 Lossing 1 of the races a total of £0.56p

Total Sat/sun £58.75

Used Fairbot both days


Friday, 7 August 2009

Back in the swing "Trade" sort of

I have'nt done any trading since Monday due to my isp being a pain in the backside, upshot is i am capped from 6.00pm to 12pm, reason being is i went over the 40Gb limit back in Febuary !! so i am in the process in changing. Anyhows i decided to trade the late afternoon and evening races for a total of 18 markets taking in £37.83 trading was fine until the evening races then it was like using dial up internet.
but i was happy with the profit taken using stakes of £30/35.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Its just not fair

I have been unable to trade due to my internet being at times complete and utter rubbish, It works fine from say 6.30am as i get speeds ranging from 7.3Mb to 7.5Mb to every evening now running at best 0.30Mb to 0Mb thats right 0, It drops off that my laptops wifi has to re-connect, this coaught me out yesterday last night, so enough was enough i lost £9 odd.

I have spoken to Orange, last friday they returned my call yesterday at work "Phone bod says are you by your computer, no i am at work is the computer on? no i am at work... Oh in that case i will have arrange for someone to call you in the evening", well no one rang if no call this evening then i will tommorow be getting a mac code and then switching, thought i'd give them 1 more go as the lady on the phone sounded nice :)

So trading will have to take a back seat for the interim.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Still having ISP problems

Yesterday i phoned Orange to complain about the drop in my broadband service, before i did i ran speedchecker 1st and foumainly and that at 7.00am i get a 7.5Mb rate, this drops alarmingly to 0.15MB which was the sort of speed i was getting last night, i did manage a spot of trading (more on that in a bit) anyway the guy at Orange says they will do a line check and someone will get back to me with 24hours, well its been 25 now as i ran at 10.00am, so come Monday i will be getting a mac code and going elsewhere, Perhaps BT or Sky.

Yesterdays Evening trading saw me pull a total of £57.32 mainly due to me latching on to 3 drifters, of which one went from 10's to 20's inside 2 minutes, i am using Fairbot as i have found that this is more responsive during my slow broadband period.

Hoping to squeeze in a few hours this afternoon before the fools at orange hit the brakes.


Friday, 31 July 2009

When is a Stop Loss not a stop loss.

Yesterdays evening racing started off well for me, i traded in the 5.45 and quickly racked up a profit of £8.09, next races i managed to make £2.45 profit 2 minutes before the off i had decided to prepare dinner for myself and Daughter/Son so i stopped trading, leaving Fairbot open, i came back about 5 minutes later to notice much to my horror that i had left the stop loss function on and it had placed a back bet in the market which had been matched at 7.8 for £40, the horse in question was now running at odds of 30+ i pressed the green up button, to spread the loss which was £37.75 - the £2.45 profit i had made leaving me with -£35.30 and not very happy, as this had breached my own limit of what i am prepared to lose on a days trading taking away the earlier £8.09 left me with -27.21 of course this was my own fault as i usually untick the stop loss when i have greened up, so what to do??
I left it and continued cooking then ate dinner with the kids, about an 1 hour later i thought right lets at least try and rescue some cash, i then traded to a small profit of £18.56 leaving me with smaller loss than earier so final P/L = -£8.65, had it been a lay bet on the stop loss then i would have traded out on a profit Ho hum..

One thing i did notice last night and on previous nights is my broadband was running extreamly slow, i am on Orange 8Mb Max i have tested the speed in the last few days and usually get speeds of 7.3mb in the daytime but last night i was running sometimes as low as 0.28mb, this was not helpful whilsts trying to trade :(
So i am now looking at changing, seeing as orange have increased the price from £24.99 to £32.50 for what is a degrading of supply so it looks like a return to BT.

Cheers ALL

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Not so good Goodwood

Well i had the afternoon off as i usually do on a Tuesday :) Sat down with Channel 4 on to watch Goodwood races, i started trading on the 2.00 at beverley taking in £4.89
great start i thought, next race Goodwood and a loss of £5.89, then back to beverley and a profit of £2.67, then to goodwood and another loss of £3.21, and so it continued a win and a loss so after 4 losing races at Goodwood i traded all the other meetings leaving goodwood well alone, for a days final profit of £53.84, i missed out a few evening races due to ferrying my daughter and son around Kids eh...

Goodwood the volumes of money was very high, and tbh i just couldnt read the markets so glad to be at work tommorow.. Not !!


Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday evenings lite foray

Managed to trade just 11 races this evening, winning in 10 and scratching for a £0 in the other total net profit was £23.31, i seem lazy tonight as there a few races where i could have trade another once or twice as the odds were going as i thought they would... i just felt cautious for some reason or another, in one race i traded and greened up with 3 and 1/2 minutes to go, i elected to do something else :)

Some images are up of the new trading platform i am using at the moment, theres a new updated version out tonight so will download and have a shifty at it.


Just a quick note

No trading today as i am at work, but will find some time this evening in-between my daughters gynastics class.
I managed to trade 21 markets yesterday, winning on 16 of those, 1 scratched and the remainder losses, the last race of the day was my biggest loss of £6.06 i had laid this selection with about 60 seconds before the off when the odds plummeted, so i hedged out, as it was the horse in question "La- Something or other2 went off at 9's, challenged and was beaten in a photo, my liabilty before hedging was some £600+ i would have had heart failure had i let it ride even though it didnt win :) Sundays P/L was £41.89

I managed to trade a few races on saturday for a profit of £12.34

I am currently using betpodpro cost is £5 a month, has a few hiccups but is releatively easy to use, i like the right click "stop loss" feature which is simialar to BetAngel's one click and its done, generally i will place it 1 or 2 ticks either side of my opening trade (if i remmeber), on betrader pro (which i do like a lot) the stoploss has to be activated by selction/tools then if more than/less than etc too time consuming so i have never used it which is a shame really as they promote the 1 click and its placed.

Anyway here ends my tea break..


Friday, 24 July 2009

Fridays evening foray

Managed to trade 21 markets this evening, winning on 19 of them highest win was £5.12 and biggest loss was -£8.80 with the other -£0.20.
Total P/L was £38.95

Again for the big loss a big pile of cash came sweeping in, i just hedged for the loss and moved on.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Because i have had nothing to report, apart from a losing Friday -£33.22,
Saturday i was at a wedding, Sunday was a losing one -£27.56,
Monday due to 2 bad days i decided to leave alone as i was only working a 1/2 so would have ample time todays P/L was £78.65 happy with that.

Both Friday and Sundays losses were due to 2 trades that went a little "wrong" i laid a selection at 11's for £45 hoping the odds would rise i had actually placed my back bet at 12's when whoosh.. someone came in £1000's taking the price all the way down to 8.2 i then had some bad trades where i hedged out taking losses before hitting my limit, had i let 2 of those selections run i would have been down £600+ as they actually won.. so taking the loss was a win for me :)


Thursday, 16 July 2009


someone has emailed me asking to explain on how i trade as my style is diffent
from many others and seeing as i have a spare 10minutes at work here goes.

Firstly i rarely trade on the 1st fav, sure this is where the bulk
of the money is, but for me theres nothing worse than sitting
in a queue getting matched and then sitting in a queue waiting for
the odds to go in your favour, i also find the prices to be way too
up and downy that said it can happen with just about any other

I tend to trade on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or higher priced favourite
depending on odds, i'll have 3 of these of these open in 3 ladders
where i can monitor the odds, i'll sometime place 2 orders say a lay
£30 at 10's on selection 1 and a lay of £30 at 10.5 on selection 2
using fairbot and the smartbets function my oppoiste bets will be
fired instantly once the lay orders are matched, sometimes both lays
are matched at the same time so i have a liabilty of £300 should either
one of these win should it go into play, sometimes 1 of the back
bets is matched in which case i'll see how the other is doing then maybe
i'll scratch it for 0, or a 1 tick loss this is offset with the previous
back/lay. Of course it goes without saying that these 2 could be back bets 1st or a mixture of both it depends on how ithink the market is moving.
I usually manage to get both trades matched so that trade one
lay @ 10 for £30, back at 10.50 for 28.57 profit = 1.36.
Trade 2 lay at 10.5 for £30 back at 11 for 28.64 profit = 1.30

if i can i'll repeat one or both trades to increase the profit, if things
go against me, i'll hedge to a loss sometimes as much as £5 and if time
allows i will try and trade the loss to make it smaller.

as i said this different on how others do it.

My only advice to others is try not let trades run in play, we have all
done it, i do it occassionally but i place my order in running, usually
because i am watching the race and listening to the commentry if a horse
is making mistakes and the odds are favourible i'll lay it and look
to get out as soon as possible, i use much smaller stakes and again if it
looks like improving i'll take a small loss, i only do this for races over
1.5miles, cannot be done for 5f races :)

Other advice pre race trade 12 minutes before the off and try and close positions
before the start of the race, either watch the race or listen to timeform radio
a lot can be cleamed from these, that way you will know when the race is almost
ready to run.

another question i am asked, "could you do it full time?" i dont think i could
in order to give up work i'd need to be clearing £95 a day 7 days a week to match
my salary or £133 aday Everyday with out fail, i know some guys are pulling £1000's
a day i'd imagine thier banks are rather large,so can actually move odds forcing markets up or down, that said i'd love to give it a go so should i ever win the lottery or be made reduntant then maybe i could :)

i hope this helps some of you, as i useless at explaining things


Back to it

Yesterdays P/L was £59.97 over 23 races, with just the one showing a loss of 0.19p
Highest win was £8.40 and lowest 0.25p, i am very happy with these results, i am still using small stakes of £17/30 i used fairbot as i find for taking taking 1 ticks quickly then its the best of the softwares i use, this enables me to quickly re-submit bets when others are matched.
Again i have been lazy in that i have capture no images, mainly because i have no image sopftware on this new laptop, hopingto put that right soon.
i am off to work so no trades till the evening comes.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Seems i am mr popular at the moment, as i had family come and visit me thus scuppering any plans to do some trading, i did manage to get a few in nicking a few ticks, leading to a £2.47p so that was it, but Family will always come 1st.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Updates+ new software

Firstly sorry for no updates since last week, i have have been busy but still managed to get some trading in. So my trading was went like this

Friday= No trades
Saturday Limited trading due to having friends over, total profit £16.65
Sunday Traded most of the of the day, took some losses, but ended with £48.67 to the good
Monday, a good late afternoon/evening trading total profit £80.31, found some nice drifters that i managed to latch onto.

I am also using new software that i have come across, very similar to BetraderPro only the ladders are reversed so when one places a lay/back you are ineffect requesting those odds, it is also cheap as chips at £5 a month via a paypal subscription.
Currently i am at work, i am hoping to get away early and in between picking my daughter up i am hoping to get some trades in, i will also take some images and post them up later of said new software.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Quick post

Well diaster happened last night, my trusty laptop died so i had to buy a new one this evening, new one has 3Gb ram, 2.3ghz processor and 17" screen.

i managed to download fairbot and have found i have another 15 days trial, i also downloaded other software which i use Betrader ect.

i was up and trading by 6.30, taking a nice total profit of £43.23p in the evening races, i even tried some usa races, but found i was cutting it fine every time.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A good day.

I Took the day off work, traded all day well most of it, total profit was new best for me £118.65p, i decided to use fairbot, which i have had on a 15 day trial for some time think i still have 10 day to go :) i used the trade function and smart bets, where by it will instantly submit the opposite trade so that you will be fully green or red if matched, it only does this when a full match is achieved on the original 1st trade, i used this to great effect, in and out sharpish, on the 3rd/4th or 5th fav or even higher depending on odds.
see screen shots, fairbot is a good piece of software, but i will be next getting a sub for bet angel as i liked that a lot when i trialed it last.


Monday, 6 July 2009

Funny day

Today was one of those days, you place your lay or back and the opposite side shoots off like likes been sent into orbit so annoying so much so i hit my target for losses on the day of £25, this was after i had hit a profit of £31.09, this left me with an over all profit £5.47, i know some would have continued i did watched the next race and made a "paper" trade (practise) good job i did as the selection i had chosen was trading at 10 to back and 9.2 to lay, i would have laid this for £30/40 and hoped the odds would have risen by a tick or 2, it didnt in fact it went all the way down to 7's so that would have been another loss, with that i closed beTrader and did the washig up.

Been lasy, in that i have not upped images, if people want them i will put them uo next time, i do tend to do them for me, as i think they are a good way of record keeping, i guess a video could be next.


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Back to trading

I returned from my holiday on Wednesday, took Tursday off as i was suffereing from Jetlag, returned to work Friday for 1 day :) and only started trading again today, i did well trading to a profit £74.67, this includes a number of races where i lost or scratched for £0.
I traded from 4.00pm so all in all a good return, highest win was £7.44 ( i traded 9 times on this selection, hard work !! ) and lowest 0.22p

Monday, 15 June 2009

Thats it for a little while

Well today was my last day of trading for a couple of weeks as i go on Holiday tommorow until July 1st, i had another good day but feel it could have been better, especially the evening races as i found either the API to which betrader connects to betfair to be lagging, i'd place a bet and it would take an age to place it, so instead of getting 2 or even 3 trades per race i had to settle for 1, i upped the stakes today to £25/45 deepnding on odds but mostly it was £35 stakes i lost in 2 races including one of £3.53, my best 2 trades were in the afternoon, i managed to find 2 drifters and place several trades on the way up.

I only traded 20 races, as i had the day off to sort out packing/buying clothes for my daughter etc.

question for you, trading is it gambling? as gambers they are looking for the winner or loser as in the case of laying, as traders we are looking to nick ££ as we are not looking for winners or loser, i tried explaining the concept to my brother inlaw who bets but only yankees/super yankees/placepots etc, but he couldnt get his head around it all,but then he is also computer illiterate.

so thats it for now, see you in a few weeks.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

A great Gamble

No trading yesterday, spent a great day in chester.
Good day today, pulled in £73.91 from 28 races, losing in 3 of them, i was also on one of the best "steamers" i have come across, i had betfair radio on and they were talking about the gamble going on a selection i had just backed at 12.00 for £30, much to my delight the more the commentors talked about the faster and lower its odds went, i put the lay in at 7.4 wish iahd held out as it went all the way down to 5.2, I hedged out for a very nice profit if only they were all like that, all my other trades were for small stakes of £20/30 depending on odds, i may increase these to £25/40 again depending on odds.

I am very pleased with my disipline at the moment, i hedge out for profit or loss as soon as both sides are matched, then look to continue, so if i place a lay in at 9.0 and a back in at 9.2/4 i hedge this loss, then look to trade again it may increase the loss or it may cut out the loss either way i have a daily "acceptable loss" of £25, if that is breached i stop.

i have taken this from another blog and it is good advice.

"Control the losses and the profits will take care of themselves"


Friday, 12 June 2009

Using small stakes

I have put up the above images to show that profits can be made using small stakes of £30, i found the selections i traded on relatively pain free in that i read the market, this allowed me to make a profit of £7 on this race alone, this was one of the best trades of the day, i lost on 3 markets for a total of £3.42 but won on all others except 1 where i scratched for a net £0. total profit was £54.21

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Taking a loss.

I have posted up a picture of a loss i took this evening not a massive one but a loss none the same, i had backed this selection for £30 at 8.8 but the odds shot up, i hedged out for a £1.90 loss across all runners, had i held my nerve as you will the odds had come down to 6.8.. so i missed out, but my point is i ma willing to take losses before they get too big, i didnt think the it would drop in odds.. hey ho it was my only loss, I have posted this image as there are other blogs out there saying how people never post videos/images shoing losses, this was in response to another blogger who has given up, after placing either a back or a lay seconds before the off then being unable to get "get out in-running" losing some £200+ he then placed the remainder of his bank on an odds on fav in a 4 horse race (£175) hoping to get some of his money back, sadly the horse lost, crazy as that was just gambling, if i am trading i try not to place anything with a minute to go.

anyway an interesting read here

i only traded on 12 markets 11 wins 1 loss for a profit of £20.02, i seemed to struggle this evening with Betrader it seemed so slow and unresponsive, again i was working on the 3rd,4th,5th or 6th fav depending on odds and found 1 drifter :)

Yesterday was interesting, i cannot recal which race it was but there was a faller in the later stages of a flat race, i was monitoring the odds in relation to At the races when one of the leading horses had £4000+ to lay at daft odds, some was matched when all of a sudden the odds shoot skywards, it was then that the commentry said there was in fact a faller, it seems really fast pictures does indeed work... by a good 4 to 6seconds.

Cheers for now

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Trading styles

I have revamped my style of trading, i no longer look at the fav its just too much up and down for me, so instead i now work on the 3rd/4th/5th fav depending on odds, i find it suits me as i can see most times which way the market is moving, caught a drifter today laid at 9.2 for £25 and backed at 15.5 for a nice profit hedging for £9 odd but it could have course gone the other way, in which case i would have backed at 9.2 or 9.0, Really trying stay focussed and disiplined after last weeks 4 days loss on the trot.

Todays P/L was £44.21, no evening races though as i had company


Monday, 8 June 2009

A fortunate evening

Started off well this evening taking small profts in the 1st 3 races i traded on, of £2.97, £1.24 and £3.87, great i thought next race which was the 18.50 at pontefract i laid Shibhan for £50 at odds of 6.6, this was with about 20seconds before the off, i hadnt realised the time Doh !!!!!!!!!! and as i was about to put a back bet in which would have seen me take a loss, the Laptop screen went blank, Oh my god i thought (well it was more than that) i had not plugged in the charger and the power in the battery had gone to zero, which i didnt notice either, by the time i had the power in and the laptop up and running so was the race, but it was trading at 30's i was just about to hedge at those odds when it hit the 100's, sod it i thought let it run it duly lost and i profited by £47.50, i was lucky i guess as it could have gone either way :) but after my 4 days of losses i was happy to take it, the rest of the evening Trdaing, scalping 1 tick or 2 ending the day with £76.80 but take away the "lay" bet and it means my trading was £29.30 from 12 races traded, biggest win was £8.27 and lowest was 0.01p
But i have learned a new lesson, Check the power before i commence, i have a ups to back up my wifi modem in the event of a power cut... just 1 more check.


A run of losses

I have just had my worse run of losses, 4 days on the trot :( i have set goals as to losing days, i dont set levels for profit, i am happy to take a £1 to £100 profit, but my levels for losses are -£25, guess what i have hit that on 4 days running, meaning i am down £100+ it also means my bank is low, very !! so will need topping up.
How did i end up making these losses, well poor disipline, you know you lay x for £x waiting for the price to rise, but it drops and you sit there watching it go from a £1.50 loss to £3, £7, £12.90 hoping it will rise, but it does'nt so you hedge out at £18.78, i am annoyed with my self as the losses incurred could have been so much smaller and because i hit my loss limits, i stopped if they had been smaller losses i could have at least tried to "stay" in the zone.

Hey ho
theres always later on and tommorow.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

BetAngel WOW.

Firstly sorry for lack of updates, i have had a torrid time lately my central heating packed up, whilst it is now summer and warm, i still need hot water and it has cost me a fair few £1000 to have it all replaced, i am also off on Holiday to Florida 2 weeks today so i have had to pay up for that too, this has resulted me in exhausting most of my "spare" cash including profits i have racked up the last few weeks/months on betfair, my bank is somewhat reduced.

I have also in the last week secured a trial with Bet Angel, boy am i impressed the new version is simple to use, the stop loss feature is a snip, as is the take profit which hightlights to the left of the ladder, infact i found using the ladder function made my reading of the markets easier, i even traded greyhounds using modest stakes because i was trialing it of £2-£25, in the greyhound markets in the last 3 to 2 minutes the odds move sharp on the fav/2nd fav i found i could get in and out taking profits or cutting out with small loses, i like to use the "force" reverse function but sadly my trial runs out in 2 days, i will be using it again by buying a subscription but only when i return from my Holiday in 4 weeks,
The only thing i wold like to have in betangel is when in ladder mode that all runners are odds are seen, rather than just the top 3.

I will continue using RacingTraders as i still have 1400minutes left, the RacingTraders software is good too and would recommend it as well.



Friday, 22 May 2009

Money to Burn part 2

I have set rules when i trade one of those being, "How much i am willing to lose" before saying enough is enough, Started off well taking £1.53, £2.08, £9.81, £1.09 and £0.92 total £15.43, great i thought i am on a roll, then i had £3.04 loss then £2.09 and finally £8.78 this was after i tried to reduce my liabilty, 3 losses in a row was enough for me so i called it quits almost, i was watching on betrader one of the irish races the liquidity was very low, around £67000 matched mostly on the favorite, i think it was only the 4th fav that was trading at 10's with about £1000 odd traded, when someone placed £2000 to lay at 10's this men he had a bank of more than £20k, this was about 2 minutes before off, i thought it may have been fake money but he left it there and around £800 was matched, by calulation this would mean he had a liabilty of £8000, clearly someone thought this horse was not going to win, so i laid it for £2 in-running for 9.4, with intention that if it was dropping to say 4's i would hedge it never went below 9's so i won £1.90 after tax.

so i ended the day on £3.37 profit.


My best day

Wednesday traded a little taking in around £12 profit, then in the evening i went Horse riding with Daughter and young lady whom i have a relationship with, 1st time for me on a horse boy what a thrill, i take off my hat to the Jocks that ride these things at 40mph on flat and over sticks, i still ache :)

Thursday i managed to trade all day, taking in just under £100 profit, i managed to lag onto a few steamers and drifters holding my nerve before exiting the trades, biggest single win was £21.09 and biggest loss(we have to have them) £8.86

I now only have 275minutes left on BetTrader before i then try BetAngel, my only gripe is £15 for 20 days, so if i take it out on Monday 25th of may, it will only run until sunday the 7th of june, i am unlikely to trade everyday, i would have prefered it if it was 20days of trading, even if to took 40 or more to use.
HeyHo looking forward to giving a blast in any case.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Money to Burn?

Have you ever noticed large volumes of money being moved on 1 horse?

Today i was trading on a horse it was running as 3rd fave with odds at 7.6 to back and 7.8 lay, i backed for £80 at 7.6 i placed my back just as the last few pounds were being snapped up so i was in front and matched, i then placed the lay at 7.4 for £80, matched almost instantly, as someone came crashing in with £6000+, he started to push the price down, matching everything all way down to 5.4, and i missed it such was the speed that he kept pushing his money in order to get matched, i hedged out for a £2.85 profit as there just seconds to the off but it could have been so much more, as for the punter who placed £6000+ at odds from 7.4 to 5.6 well he lost. I had read on another blog that last week there was someone placing £1000's on races, its something to look out for as he will push the price down to ensure he gets matched.


Monday, 18 May 2009

Another day and another Video

Traded on 14 races today/evening taking in £22.85 with the lowest win being £0.01 and the highest £5.94, i am loading another Video as this shows how i mainly do my trading, its by a guy called BingoLittle, tis a cracking video,

Todays trades were done using stakes of between £20 to £60, i have also included a jpeg of the last race at Wolves, i did think that the API was rather sticky tonight, in that i would place a trade and it would take a while before it was actually placed i wonder if any one else has had this problem using BetTrader>? i have about 800 minutes to use up on this software, i indend to use BetAngel well the Trial run for £15 to see how it goes, watched a video of the lastest updates to the ladder and it looks the b's Knees.


Sunday, 17 May 2009

A welcome return

Well i came back from holiday wednesday last week and only started Trading again on Friday, Saturday and today, Friday being the best day for me taking £88+ profit, Saturday was £25.56 and today 25.99 for a total 3 days profit of £140+

I came back from holiday full of freash ideas, and of course a new determination, when i trade and the fav is very much odds on, i generally ignore it but i traded on all of them then that were short priced using my whole bank, either laying or backing 1st at odds depending on the selection but they were 1.50 to 2.0, the good thing with these selections is the fact that that there is so much money on them, and the odds usually move up and down fairly easily, i found myself taking 1 to 4 tick movements, hedging then doing it again it is cracking how fast the profit mounts up of course depending on many times you enter a trade,

I am glad that the evening racing is now upon us as it gives us more oppotunitys to trade, I am again going on holiday in the Middle of june so i need to scalp as much as i can :)

Heres a good video from MickyB showing how he does it, nerves of steel ?


Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I am currently on holiday for a few weeks, so no trades till i am back home.

wish all well.


Sunday, 26 April 2009


I traded the 1st 3 races of the day then had to go out, resummed trading at 5.25 for 3 more races then i had visitors who stayed for 40 minutes or, then i was free to trade the remaining races, which i have to say were hard work, anyway i ended up with a Profit of £34.25, i had to scratch some trades then re-enter some of the races.


Friday, 24 April 2009


Today i started off well, taking in £4.99 in the 1st race, eventually getting upto £15 or so profit, then disaster, i selected a horse in which i thought the odds would rise, this they did are lightening fast pace, i Laid (or thought i had) at 6.2 for £20, only thing thing was i had backed and didnt notice until the odds had passed 10's so i had to take the loss which i spread over the field losing £11, despite the loss i felt good as i had Seen the way the odds had gone, if only i had laid 1st, apart from a few scratch trades this was my only loss, i traded till 6.30 but had to go out for the evening, total p/l for the day £26.36

Happy days


Thursday, 23 April 2009

An update.

Todays p/l for the evening races £12.51, Today i found it easier to lay 1st as the odds drifted on selections i choose usually 2nd, 3rd fav it was just a matter of waiting for the entry point, my 1st trade of the was actually a loss of 0.33p
Yesterday Wednesday was Similar to todays but with less races traded and a profit of £8.57 again taking the 1 or 2 ticks as and when they came.

I said i was going too visit a friend whom i introduced to Betfair/trading well he is still doing very well, but the cambler in him is still there, as he has told he has played in-running, backing the likely winner usually when the odds hit 1.4 but using £500/600 a time so far he has been lucky in that he has not been caught out, he sets up the Back bet and immediately looks to lay at 1.15 or less, Now i dont mind in running but stakes of £500/600 would chill me to the bone, each to their own i guess.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I traded pre-race yesterday for P/L of £25.89p i have decided to grow my bank, and it now stands at £268 reason being is i used to almost always back 1st this was so that i could use my max stake of £60, with a slightly bigger bank will allow me to lay 1st at say £20/25 depending on odds then back this is to catch Drifters which in my opinion are easier to spot.

Again i will be looking at the evening races tonight, One thing i did notice yesterday was some races(not irish) had a lack of liquidity this made price movements difficult at times so one must tread carefully.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sums of Money

Sorry for the late update, i did nothing over the weekend apart from take a few too many hits, losing £34 over the Saturday/Sunday.
I traded yesterdays late afternoon and Evening races taking in £43.67p so more than happy with that, what i was happy with is the big punters who have many £1000's in thier banks putting money up be it to back or lay only to pull it as soon as it looks like its getting matched, i had few yesterday which i caught out, i noticed £7000 at odds of 5.2, with the next odds of 5.1 with about £450 and 5.0 with £70, then to lay 4.9, 4.8, i took the plunge and layed 5.0 and placed a back bet 5.2 sure enough as soon as people started to lay it and the odds rose the £7000 dissapeared infact i moved my back bet up to 5.4 and was matched for 4 tick profit, i managed to catch a few of these.
Currently at work so nothong from till late afternoon, got Football tonight so no evening racing either.

Happy days

Friday, 17 April 2009

A good day

Well i had a good day today taking in just over £40 profit, surprisingly a lot was from pre-race trading, the late afternoon races from 4.30 and the evening races seemed easier to trade, i was doing well but one trade went against me meaning i was looking at £9.75 loss across the all runners, i took the loss too soon as the odds then reversed and had i held my nerve i would have had a 3 tick profit(well i wouldnt as i only look for 1), i had 2 other losses for £4.34 and £2.09, i also did a couple of in-play trades mainly on races over 1.5miles, longer the better, again small stakes of £2,3 or 4pounds and £60 for pre-race.

i have placed some screen shots of the better trades i did so that others can understand the process.

I am off to see my mate tommorow the guy who i talked about last week the "Natural" well he is still doing well but is finding too boring and because of this his mind wanders.


Todays Evening Racing

Woo Hoo lots of evening racing to follow, i am at work till 4.30 i have a 1/2 drive to get home, so at least i can relax a little then play about 18/20 races.

Will update later

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Paper trading

After yesterday today i decided to have a Trainying day, in that i watched the markets without the pressure of actually placing any trades, trying to guess which way the odds would go, i also observed the markets when in play to see how it compared with my race reading "skills" :) in my head i did ok(its easier when no cash is involved) i played live in the last races at Wolves pre-race Trading and In-play, when Trading pre-race i use stakes of £60 to back and if laying depending on odds up to £15, in-play i only use £2,3 or £4 usually backing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th fav depending on how they are running i try ti get in and out as fast possible, i will only do this on race of over 1 mile, and if its 2miles+ i will try and get a few trades in, of course i hedge to spread the profit.

Todays P/L was £11.58 for 4 races.


Yesterday :(

Yesterday was a complete non-starter for me, I tried to pre race trade but in just about every race I was struggling, either with the entry and certainly the wrong exit.
In the 1st Race I traded I backed the selection for £60 at odds of 4.8 there was a lot of money in the queue on the back side and I felt confident of getting the 1 tick lay at 4.7 so I placed it I think there was only about £100 to lay at the odds, I was part match for £12.50 when the odds moved up to 5.0 with £1000’s pushing it up so I moved the remaining £47.50 up and took the loss, hedging as there were only seconds before the off taking a slight loss, next race was worse I placed a back in at various odds never to be matched as the odds dropped, I would following trying to get on the drift like every one else, I gave up on that one, next race another part matched bet and the odds go against me, I wait hopping that they will come in again, nope so its another loss.

It was like this most of the afternoon session, taking losses of £0.50 to £2.10 and the odd win of the same amounts, the final straw was I backed a selection for £60 at odds of 6.0, then placed the lay at 5.9 by the time the lay was in the odds had gone up to 6.4 so I placed the lay and took the loss as the odds continued upwards, only this time I didn’t spread the loss had the horse won then it was -£24 if I spread the loss over the current odds then it would be -£3.75, guess what happened, yep the horse won and that was enough for me for the day.

Total P/L Was -£33.78

So not a happy bunny, for 2 counts
1 The markets were not behaving in the way I wanted  if I had a bigger bank I guess I could have started out with lays then backed at higher odds as it was obvious once I had opened the trade and it reversed where it was going.

2. Letting a -£24 liabilty run.

So in conclusion … what to do, well try try and try again, although I did a lot better in play trading using smaller liabilites and taking more profit so I may well do a week or when I have time of just that, see early post I’ll back a selection for £2, £3 or £4 and look to lay it off at lower odds usually the 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th fav depending on how they are running.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Inplay day.

Today i decided to Trade in-play, using small stakes of £2, £3 or £4 to keep liabilties down i backed 1st then layed off moments later, i worked on the 1st 2nd or 3rd Favorite or sometimes the 4th How did i do? Very well considering the small stakes, i traded in 14 races for a profit of £32.22

The 1st race i backed the selection for £3 @5.5 and waited for the odds to drop then placed a lay in at 5.0 both were matched and i now had a "freebet" of if it won of £1.43, but i back the selection again for £3 at 5.2 and laid it for 4.6 so another £1.40 odd, i then backed again for 4.2 again for £3, this time i knew the horse was doing well as the odds were hoping around so i placed a lay 3.00 for £3 matched in seconds so another £3.40 odd, added to the free bet which was now £6 odd the horse was trading at 1.6~2 i hedged out and got matched for a profit of £4.39.
I must admit i let this one run almost to the end of the race which i shouldnt have i then tradedit on the other races backing and laying 2 or 3 times, then hedging for the profit, 2 races went against me where the odds went up and never came down to the level i had backed them so i laid them for a net zero, this was risky as i had backed a horse for 4.2 for £2.00 and laid it at 20... meaning had it won i would have lost £32, however i would have hedged out for lower Red figure.

The last race i selected the 3rd fav Gus Macrae and backed it for £4.00 and laid it then backed again i then let it run it came 2nd beaten a length but i had hedged out well before then for a profit of £6.38


Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

Well i decided to have a day out and went to Chester fantastic city would recommend to all, i Managed to trade the last races yesterday/Sunday was doing well was in profit to the tune of £18 odd when i took a loss of £26.00 so i was down -£8 odd so i knuckled down and edged out a to total days profit of £3.05pence, hey ho.
Hoping to get a couple of trades in tommorow late on

Cheers for now


Saturday, 11 April 2009

A natural or just confidence

Went to a friends to show him how to trade, he has watched Videos, read lots of stuff on various websites, he has downloaded BetraderPro ready and willing to go.
we loaded up the 1st race of the day, i was cautious and used my normal stakes (his money) and backed a selection for 5.5 then placed a lay in for 5.4 both matched i then repeated it and hedged for a profit one which i would be happy with, he seemed a little dispondant that it was low, i told him it took 2 minutes, we had secured a profit no matter, his starting bank was £800 !!!!!!! i traded the next race for stakes of £200 ! for 4.8 back and 4.6 lay then hedged for an £8 odd profit, i must admit it felt great using the larger stakes... i then decided he should have a go... he waded in backing a selection for £200 at odds of 5.6, then waited (i would have placed the lay straight away at 5.5 or 5.4, then the odds dropped to 5.2 he placed his lay at 5.1 and about 1 minute later matched, he then hedged for an £18+ profit.

i sat back and left him to it, i left as i had things to do which of course included trading of my own, i only managed the last 6 races feeling good i managed to squeeze out a profit of £22.23, including a couple of swingers, i backed and the priced plummeted.

I have had a call from my mate he traded almost all races today, took a couple of hits (ie he spread the loss) and ended up making £136.76, he cannot wait till tommorow, i recall my 1st day i had a £30 bank and i was trading with minimal stakes of £2.00, so it looks like he is a natural, he is a top guy as he sent the £10 i made via paypal.

Hope all have made profits lately

Friday, 10 April 2009

Explaning trading

I have come across a friend at work who likes to punt on the nags, had the winner in the national, but he dutched 6 horses so as i told he actually had 5 losers, but he still hada profit, said i trade on betfair he has never used a betting exchange, explained backing/laying and hedging to go green, he now wants a live demo :) i have pointed him to other sites that have good videos he text me about an hour ago saying he has watched almost 4 hours of videos..
has downloaded betrader and wants me to go to his and show him the ropes.. yikes..

Onto todays P/L i only managed the last race at Ludlow (drove through it on Monday) and 5 races at Tipperary taking in £9.11 profit,

so happy days


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Days of annoyance

started off well, taking a couple of pounds profit, i then backed a selection for £60 and placed the lay in 1 tick down, the odds suddenly went upwards at a remarkable rate, infact too much in that i could get a lay order in as my bank was not sufficient, so i was sitting there staring at £60 pound loss, i had no option but to let it go in play and hope the odds would come down enough for me to get out at a small loss of course this was not to be and i hedged for a £40.28 loss, this reduced my bank to £89.31, i was determined to get some of that back from the remaining races of the afternoon and evening so set about it and had 1 loss from the remaining races, i ended the day on a Profit of £5.24
But dont you just hate it when a trade just jumps without no reason? we were talking 4,5,6 ticks.. you just cannot tell when its going to happen nor reacted fast enough.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A good days trading

well i had the day off work and traded every race this afternoon only losing the 1 for -0.59p and ending the day on a profit of £29.48, i have been asked how do i achieve this kind of profit using the stakes i do, which today was £60, i nearly always start out with a back, then a lay have a look at the picture attached to the this post, You can see i backed Kentuckys Boy for £60 at odds of 7.0 then laid it for £60 at 6.8, i then pressed the hedge button and this laid me £1.71 at 7.0 for a profit alround of £1.71, if i can i try and repeat this thereby doubling the profit.

happy days


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bad start so i gave up

Started with the 1st race today, managing a 0.71Pence profit it was hard work just to get that, i then traded the next 3 races and lost in all 3 for a total of £5.14 so i said, the sun is out, lets go and enjoy it.


Thursday, 2 April 2009


A friend of mine who trades the football only told me of something that happened to him recently, he was trading the under 2.5 goals market, there had already been 2 goals and it was late on in the match, he decided to back the under 2.5 for £200 for odds of 1.78 hoping to green up a few ticks down, he was sitting watching the betrader pro screen as his £200 was not matched in fact there were £100's at 1.76 and some moneys just above his, when all of a sudden the money below some £500+, his £200 and other moneys as well as the cash at odds higher was swallowed up, then about 2 to 3 seconds later bang the market suspends clearly someone was either at the match or had a live feed and gobbled up the money over £1000, now his question his whoever pushes the suspended button must have fast information.

It makes you wonder though.

So he lost £200 from this match and was not happy as it was sitting there un-matched fo ra while, then in one movement his and others cash was gone, as the 3rd goal closed the market.


Back to it,

Well i finally got back to trading after a good few days off, i managed the last 6 races of the day from 5.00pm onwards, using just £50 stakes i managed a total profit of £15.35, the last race at 19.55(i was down as i thought there would be later racing), the last race returned £3.33, but should have been £7.91 as i had worked a lot of trades in the right direction then the last one went against me so had to take the reduced profit.


Monday, 30 March 2009

Time off

Been busy with 1 thing and another, so have placed no trades since last Wednesday, but have been toying with excel to be used in bet angel, i have downloaded to the Betdaq version as its free, i am useless at excel!!
i am trying to write a trigger, but want it when it "runs" in-play, but dont really understand the IF,AND commands, i was told it should look like this

=IF(AND(F2="In-play"",F6<1.4),"BACK OFFSET:10 WITH_GREENING:TRUE","")

F2 Is the cell which shows when the event is in play, F6 is where the current back odds are.

anyone had any experience with excel programming>? and is willing to put me right?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back a day early

Well i had intended to "return" on Thursday but actually came back today, traded on BF with re-newed vigor for a profit of £35.26, which i am happy with.

I am still deciding whether to trade on this evenings racing.

I asked about Bet angel in another thread on here, stating that i had found a website that gave Free trial for 7 days, which i applied for then waited for an email, well that came today thanking me for trialing thier software which i had not used hey ho guess i'll have to pay 1st then then decided but till then its BetTrader for me.



Saturday, 21 March 2009

Disaster today

well disaster struck today... i reduced my bank to my "safe" operating level of £100, i started trading on one race with 3 mins to the off placing a back bet at odds of 4.8 for £100, this was matched instantly and the lay placed at 1 tick lower at 4.7and matched so i now have £10 on this horse, with 2 mins to go, i place another back in at £100 matched and then set up the opposing lay hoping to be matched after about 1 minute i decide to scratch this trade and place the lay the same as the matched back betas it was tarding at these odds to my horror my Laptop has locked up, i press ctrl alt delete nothing, i have no back up pc, i cannot access the web either, so i get my tan number and ring betfair, the race is off and my selections odds are well above 4.8, i lay it anyway accepting the loss... my loss was £57 so the bank is down to £43.... so will need a top up from past profits.

needless to say this put me off the rest of the day, i spent the afternoon checking my laptop its just over a year old, ran all the checks, clearing out clutter and now it seems to be running smoothly, i wont be able to trade till thursday as i am away for a few days.

cheers for now


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday, football/racing

This evening i traded horses, making a loss of £3.55, i also traded on a dog at monmore making the hefty sum of £0.06p woohoo, i then moved onto the Football markets, making a couple of pounds on the over/under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 markets, i was watching this match on channel5, and Aab scored with about 8 minutes to go, i backed them to win as Man city didnt lool like scoring i had actually placed the lay bet when Aab were awarded a penalty which they scored, so once the market went inplay again i laid them for a profit of £29.05.

i was the looking around on the betfair site and noted that there was a south american game inplay, and was being shown live on betfair, they were 2-0 up after 25minutes, the odds to back were 1.20 now i dont know nothing about south american football, so i decided just to watch it, 2-0 soon became 3 and i had a look on betrader, market suspends so i sit at 1.04 with £150 not expecting it to be matched once it unsuspends, i place the bet and to my surpise its matched, with the odds then dropping to lay 1.01, i then decided to green up than take the £6 if ends in a win, so the profit is £4.46 as can be seen in the picture, was the easiet 4.46 i have ever made, wish i ahd asked for slightly higher odds now.

So total p/l today is £33.49


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bet Angel

Even though i say in the heading "using fairbot, betrader and BET ANGEL" i am yet to use bet angel, but plan to in the near future i did find a site that gave a link for a weeks free trail, i sent my email, name ect but as yet i have had no offer of a trial.
What are peoples views on Bet Angel?

Todays play was greyhounds +£2.57 and horse racing +£24.08, in the horse markets i actually took a couple of losses too, redding up rather than risking it, again had i not done then i would have been wiped out.

happy days

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mistakes and it cost me.

Made some errors today in fact 6 on the trot, i traded 6 races today and lost on all of them a total of £56.72, i backed and the odds shot up, i laid and they dropped like theres no toomorow, had i let them run in play then the loss would have been my entire bank... as i didnt withdraw last weeks profits it still stands at just over £220.
I then decided to trade the greyhounds that were live on skysports, i dont have skysports so i just traded on the favorite dog in the races at Sheffield taking in £14.44, i also had a dabble on the Arsenal match in the under 3.5 market for a £11.35 profit, so i ended the day down £30.93.

As i said it could have been worse, in the past i have sat looking the screen, trying to decide if i should take say a £9 loss across the card or risk risk losing almost all my bank should my selection onto to win, this i have done and got away with a number of times but its fated that it will catch up on you, i have been caught out a number of times, backed only to see the odds shoot way way above the original odds never to recover, or laid and the odds drop to almost zero, resulting in a big loss, so when i prerace trade i nearly always take the loss across the card, i say nearly because the temptation is still there, was so tempted twice today and as i said had i not cut the loss then i would have been wiped out, because of this and despite "losing" on the day £30.93 i am happy with my discipline.

So my bank slightly dented lives for another day.


Monday, 16 March 2009

Last 2 races today

got home from work and caught the last 2 races which i "pre-race traded" for an almighty profit of £2.75

profit is profit :)


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday was inplay day

Today i decided to have ago "inplay" as well as trading, i started off with the 1st race losing £2.56, due to a bad decision on my side, i then went on made a profit on every race there after, when traded in play i used stakes of £15 to £30 backing 1st and immediately laying it off, usually towards to the back end of the race.

todays P/L was £90.76, i think Jon posted about inplay markets, all i can say is you need to be fast and have good software it also helps if you can see the races, i have ATR and thats it.

Badger has placed an in-running video on the racing traders forum, not sure i could run with the Liabilty that he did mind.
heres the link/address


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hard work

Again my trading was limited to the Evening racing at Kempton, Boy was it hard work,
Started off well trading the last race at Southall for a £4.65 profit, this was followed by the races at Kempton, which was hard work even to nick a tick or 2, well it seemed that way, infact the 1st race traded for a net 0, 2nd race i laid inchlodge whose odds that set off like a rocket, i took the loss of £1.54 but with 8 minutes to the off i decided to see if i could trade out of the loss i did this and endedup with a profit of £0.47, the next 2 races saw profits of £0.14, £0.30, i then traded in the 8.20 win market and the place market, i had a profit of £2.80 and £2.54 on both markets leaving me with a total eveing profit of £10.90, but as i write this i had just traded on the 8.50 for a profit of £0.69, giving me a total profit on the day of £11.59, i have decided enoughs enough, the liquidity is just not there perhaps people are saving monies for tommorows final day cheltenham.
I have the day off i will see how it goes on whether i trade or not.

Happy days

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A couple of markets and we are in profit.

traded the evening races to night as well a little soccer for a profit of £19.17
above is one of the prerace trades i had.

happy days

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesdays light dabble

Well i am back at work, missed the 1st day of Cheltenham but i have booked friday off for the last day, i got home today and traded on the last race of the day then decided to play on the Greyhounds, just so i could practice "trading" the price movements, small profits over all this evening making a total profit of £7.96

i hope everyone else made some good profits today from Cheltenham, i am off to read all the blogs.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Some days things dont go right

I just could'nt get into the swing of things on the Normal markets, so i tried the place markets started off taking small profits then got hit with 2 losses, for a total loss on the day of -£2.78, when i cannot get into the swing of things or just dont feel right i stop so i did..I wont even try the football tonight.

i reduced my Bank to the £100 limit that i set myself yesterday it now stands at £97.22, but my savings account was topped up yesterday.

Will more than likely next trade in the evening races tomorrow until then heres another video on how to trade.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Man u v Spurs

If you have read this blog from early on, you will know that i am a single father to 2 kids, a son 16 and daughter almost 13, my daughter is a budding Gymnast, trains 3-4 days aweek, well today was another competition day for her and another 1st place,
so my trading was limited to the last 10 minutes of the Man v Spurs match in extra time, Having seen the players and how tired they looked it was obvious to me that there would be no goals, so i traded in the Extra time market working on the draw. my 1st trade was a back at 1.52 for £50.1 it should have been £190 but the odds went down leaving the rest un-matched, not having the nerve to let it run i laid at the next lowest odds which was 1.44 for £50.1, i then waited and placed further lays/backs, as can be seen in the Picture above, eventually greening up for a £22.24 profit on the draw or £20.74 on any other result.


Saturday, 28 February 2009

Best day for a long time, Horses, soccer and Rugby

Had a good day today, i traded Soccer, Horses and Rugby taking in a nice days profit of £70.78 of which i am more than happy with, i traded in the early Everton v WBA game in the over/under 2.5 market also in the Juventus v Lazio game, same market.

I also tried with a good success trading the place markets, but i found the prices jump all over the place, just have to hold ones nerve.

In the rugby i traded on the Scotland V Italy game in the Italy +8.5points this was with Scotland leading at 16-3.

Happy Days

Another Video showing 1 tick scalping

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This evenings Profit and another Trading Video

Only traded on the evening racing then had a quick £20 lay in the over 3.5 goals in the Middlesborough/westham game hedged almost immediately as my daughter was calling me upstairs as she had fallen and hort herself,
Total profit for the evening was £11.17 with no losses on anytrades.
Slow and steady profits towards a holiday.


Another Video "Scalping"

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I finsihed work early and traded from 3.00 o'clock onwards, had 1 nightmare of a trade in the 15.10 at Catterick at odds of 5.3 for £100 with what i thought 8 minutes before the off, placed a lay in for £100 at 5.2 only for the odds to shoot upwards i laid £100 at odds of 5.8 so a 5 tick loss, the odds continued to rise they were at 6.8 at one point, i quickly had a look at the betfair forum to see what was happening, it seemed catterick was running late due to an injury to a jockey, i had hedged accepting the loss of £8.62 across all runners i worked out there was infact 20 minutes before the off, so i decided to work and get the loss down as much as i could, i backed/laid a couple of times and managed to get it down to £3.88.

In the next race i managed to get a couple of ticks profit a couple of times, resulting a total profit of £12.27, swings and roundabouts springs to mind.

a couple of small wins there after and 1 small loss of 0.77p

Heres a good video from the badger


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