Monday, 6 July 2009

Funny day

Today was one of those days, you place your lay or back and the opposite side shoots off like likes been sent into orbit so annoying so much so i hit my target for losses on the day of £25, this was after i had hit a profit of £31.09, this left me with an over all profit £5.47, i know some would have continued i did watched the next race and made a "paper" trade (practise) good job i did as the selection i had chosen was trading at 10 to back and 9.2 to lay, i would have laid this for £30/40 and hoped the odds would have risen by a tick or 2, it didnt in fact it went all the way down to 7's so that would have been another loss, with that i closed beTrader and did the washig up.

Been lasy, in that i have not upped images, if people want them i will put them uo next time, i do tend to do them for me, as i think they are a good way of record keeping, i guess a video could be next.


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