Thursday, 23 April 2009

An update.

Todays p/l for the evening races £12.51, Today i found it easier to lay 1st as the odds drifted on selections i choose usually 2nd, 3rd fav it was just a matter of waiting for the entry point, my 1st trade of the was actually a loss of 0.33p
Yesterday Wednesday was Similar to todays but with less races traded and a profit of £8.57 again taking the 1 or 2 ticks as and when they came.

I said i was going too visit a friend whom i introduced to Betfair/trading well he is still doing very well, but the cambler in him is still there, as he has told he has played in-running, backing the likely winner usually when the odds hit 1.4 but using £500/600 a time so far he has been lucky in that he has not been caught out, he sets up the Back bet and immediately looks to lay at 1.15 or less, Now i dont mind in running but stakes of £500/600 would chill me to the bone, each to their own i guess.


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