Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I am currently on holiday for a few weeks, so no trades till i am back home.

wish all well.


Sunday, 26 April 2009


I traded the 1st 3 races of the day then had to go out, resummed trading at 5.25 for 3 more races then i had visitors who stayed for 40 minutes or, then i was free to trade the remaining races, which i have to say were hard work, anyway i ended up with a Profit of £34.25, i had to scratch some trades then re-enter some of the races.


Friday, 24 April 2009


Today i started off well, taking in £4.99 in the 1st race, eventually getting upto £15 or so profit, then disaster, i selected a horse in which i thought the odds would rise, this they did are lightening fast pace, i Laid (or thought i had) at 6.2 for £20, only thing thing was i had backed and didnt notice until the odds had passed 10's so i had to take the loss which i spread over the field losing £11, despite the loss i felt good as i had Seen the way the odds had gone, if only i had laid 1st, apart from a few scratch trades this was my only loss, i traded till 6.30 but had to go out for the evening, total p/l for the day £26.36

Happy days


Thursday, 23 April 2009

An update.

Todays p/l for the evening races £12.51, Today i found it easier to lay 1st as the odds drifted on selections i choose usually 2nd, 3rd fav it was just a matter of waiting for the entry point, my 1st trade of the was actually a loss of 0.33p
Yesterday Wednesday was Similar to todays but with less races traded and a profit of £8.57 again taking the 1 or 2 ticks as and when they came.

I said i was going too visit a friend whom i introduced to Betfair/trading well he is still doing very well, but the cambler in him is still there, as he has told he has played in-running, backing the likely winner usually when the odds hit 1.4 but using £500/600 a time so far he has been lucky in that he has not been caught out, he sets up the Back bet and immediately looks to lay at 1.15 or less, Now i dont mind in running but stakes of £500/600 would chill me to the bone, each to their own i guess.


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I traded pre-race yesterday for P/L of £25.89p i have decided to grow my bank, and it now stands at £268 reason being is i used to almost always back 1st this was so that i could use my max stake of £60, with a slightly bigger bank will allow me to lay 1st at say £20/25 depending on odds then back this is to catch Drifters which in my opinion are easier to spot.

Again i will be looking at the evening races tonight, One thing i did notice yesterday was some races(not irish) had a lack of liquidity this made price movements difficult at times so one must tread carefully.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sums of Money

Sorry for the late update, i did nothing over the weekend apart from take a few too many hits, losing £34 over the Saturday/Sunday.
I traded yesterdays late afternoon and Evening races taking in £43.67p so more than happy with that, what i was happy with is the big punters who have many £1000's in thier banks putting money up be it to back or lay only to pull it as soon as it looks like its getting matched, i had few yesterday which i caught out, i noticed £7000 at odds of 5.2, with the next odds of 5.1 with about £450 and 5.0 with £70, then to lay 4.9, 4.8, i took the plunge and layed 5.0 and placed a back bet 5.2 sure enough as soon as people started to lay it and the odds rose the £7000 dissapeared infact i moved my back bet up to 5.4 and was matched for 4 tick profit, i managed to catch a few of these.
Currently at work so nothong from till late afternoon, got Football tonight so no evening racing either.

Happy days

Friday, 17 April 2009

A good day

Well i had a good day today taking in just over £40 profit, surprisingly a lot was from pre-race trading, the late afternoon races from 4.30 and the evening races seemed easier to trade, i was doing well but one trade went against me meaning i was looking at £9.75 loss across the all runners, i took the loss too soon as the odds then reversed and had i held my nerve i would have had a 3 tick profit(well i wouldnt as i only look for 1), i had 2 other losses for £4.34 and £2.09, i also did a couple of in-play trades mainly on races over 1.5miles, longer the better, again small stakes of £2,3 or 4pounds and £60 for pre-race.

i have placed some screen shots of the better trades i did so that others can understand the process.

I am off to see my mate tommorow the guy who i talked about last week the "Natural" well he is still doing well but is finding too boring and because of this his mind wanders.


Todays Evening Racing

Woo Hoo lots of evening racing to follow, i am at work till 4.30 i have a 1/2 drive to get home, so at least i can relax a little then play about 18/20 races.

Will update later

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Paper trading

After yesterday today i decided to have a Trainying day, in that i watched the markets without the pressure of actually placing any trades, trying to guess which way the odds would go, i also observed the markets when in play to see how it compared with my race reading "skills" :) in my head i did ok(its easier when no cash is involved) i played live in the last races at Wolves pre-race Trading and In-play, when Trading pre-race i use stakes of £60 to back and if laying depending on odds up to £15, in-play i only use £2,3 or £4 usually backing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th fav depending on how they are running i try ti get in and out as fast possible, i will only do this on race of over 1 mile, and if its 2miles+ i will try and get a few trades in, of course i hedge to spread the profit.

Todays P/L was £11.58 for 4 races.


Yesterday :(

Yesterday was a complete non-starter for me, I tried to pre race trade but in just about every race I was struggling, either with the entry and certainly the wrong exit.
In the 1st Race I traded I backed the selection for £60 at odds of 4.8 there was a lot of money in the queue on the back side and I felt confident of getting the 1 tick lay at 4.7 so I placed it I think there was only about £100 to lay at the odds, I was part match for £12.50 when the odds moved up to 5.0 with £1000’s pushing it up so I moved the remaining £47.50 up and took the loss, hedging as there were only seconds before the off taking a slight loss, next race was worse I placed a back in at various odds never to be matched as the odds dropped, I would following trying to get on the drift like every one else, I gave up on that one, next race another part matched bet and the odds go against me, I wait hopping that they will come in again, nope so its another loss.

It was like this most of the afternoon session, taking losses of £0.50 to £2.10 and the odd win of the same amounts, the final straw was I backed a selection for £60 at odds of 6.0, then placed the lay at 5.9 by the time the lay was in the odds had gone up to 6.4 so I placed the lay and took the loss as the odds continued upwards, only this time I didn’t spread the loss had the horse won then it was -£24 if I spread the loss over the current odds then it would be -£3.75, guess what happened, yep the horse won and that was enough for me for the day.

Total P/L Was -£33.78

So not a happy bunny, for 2 counts
1 The markets were not behaving in the way I wanted  if I had a bigger bank I guess I could have started out with lays then backed at higher odds as it was obvious once I had opened the trade and it reversed where it was going.

2. Letting a -£24 liabilty run.

So in conclusion … what to do, well try try and try again, although I did a lot better in play trading using smaller liabilites and taking more profit so I may well do a week or when I have time of just that, see early post I’ll back a selection for £2, £3 or £4 and look to lay it off at lower odds usually the 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th fav depending on how they are running.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Inplay day.

Today i decided to Trade in-play, using small stakes of £2, £3 or £4 to keep liabilties down i backed 1st then layed off moments later, i worked on the 1st 2nd or 3rd Favorite or sometimes the 4th How did i do? Very well considering the small stakes, i traded in 14 races for a profit of £32.22

The 1st race i backed the selection for £3 @5.5 and waited for the odds to drop then placed a lay in at 5.0 both were matched and i now had a "freebet" of if it won of £1.43, but i back the selection again for £3 at 5.2 and laid it for 4.6 so another £1.40 odd, i then backed again for 4.2 again for £3, this time i knew the horse was doing well as the odds were hoping around so i placed a lay 3.00 for £3 matched in seconds so another £3.40 odd, added to the free bet which was now £6 odd the horse was trading at 1.6~2 i hedged out and got matched for a profit of £4.39.
I must admit i let this one run almost to the end of the race which i shouldnt have i then tradedit on the other races backing and laying 2 or 3 times, then hedging for the profit, 2 races went against me where the odds went up and never came down to the level i had backed them so i laid them for a net zero, this was risky as i had backed a horse for 4.2 for £2.00 and laid it at 20... meaning had it won i would have lost £32, however i would have hedged out for lower Red figure.

The last race i selected the 3rd fav Gus Macrae and backed it for £4.00 and laid it then backed again i then let it run it came 2nd beaten a length but i had hedged out well before then for a profit of £6.38


Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

Well i decided to have a day out and went to Chester fantastic city would recommend to all, i Managed to trade the last races yesterday/Sunday was doing well was in profit to the tune of £18 odd when i took a loss of £26.00 so i was down -£8 odd so i knuckled down and edged out a to total days profit of £3.05pence, hey ho.
Hoping to get a couple of trades in tommorow late on

Cheers for now


Saturday, 11 April 2009

A natural or just confidence

Went to a friends to show him how to trade, he has watched Videos, read lots of stuff on various websites, he has downloaded BetraderPro ready and willing to go.
we loaded up the 1st race of the day, i was cautious and used my normal stakes (his money) and backed a selection for 5.5 then placed a lay in for 5.4 both matched i then repeated it and hedged for a profit one which i would be happy with, he seemed a little dispondant that it was low, i told him it took 2 minutes, we had secured a profit no matter, his starting bank was £800 !!!!!!! i traded the next race for stakes of £200 ! for 4.8 back and 4.6 lay then hedged for an £8 odd profit, i must admit it felt great using the larger stakes... i then decided he should have a go... he waded in backing a selection for £200 at odds of 5.6, then waited (i would have placed the lay straight away at 5.5 or 5.4, then the odds dropped to 5.2 he placed his lay at 5.1 and about 1 minute later matched, he then hedged for an £18+ profit.

i sat back and left him to it, i left as i had things to do which of course included trading of my own, i only managed the last 6 races feeling good i managed to squeeze out a profit of £22.23, including a couple of swingers, i backed and the priced plummeted.

I have had a call from my mate he traded almost all races today, took a couple of hits (ie he spread the loss) and ended up making £136.76, he cannot wait till tommorow, i recall my 1st day i had a £30 bank and i was trading with minimal stakes of £2.00, so it looks like he is a natural, he is a top guy as he sent the £10 i made via paypal.

Hope all have made profits lately

Friday, 10 April 2009

Explaning trading

I have come across a friend at work who likes to punt on the nags, had the winner in the national, but he dutched 6 horses so as i told he actually had 5 losers, but he still hada profit, said i trade on betfair he has never used a betting exchange, explained backing/laying and hedging to go green, he now wants a live demo :) i have pointed him to other sites that have good videos he text me about an hour ago saying he has watched almost 4 hours of videos..
has downloaded betrader and wants me to go to his and show him the ropes.. yikes..

Onto todays P/L i only managed the last race at Ludlow (drove through it on Monday) and 5 races at Tipperary taking in £9.11 profit,

so happy days


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Days of annoyance

started off well, taking a couple of pounds profit, i then backed a selection for £60 and placed the lay in 1 tick down, the odds suddenly went upwards at a remarkable rate, infact too much in that i could get a lay order in as my bank was not sufficient, so i was sitting there staring at £60 pound loss, i had no option but to let it go in play and hope the odds would come down enough for me to get out at a small loss of course this was not to be and i hedged for a £40.28 loss, this reduced my bank to £89.31, i was determined to get some of that back from the remaining races of the afternoon and evening so set about it and had 1 loss from the remaining races, i ended the day on a Profit of £5.24
But dont you just hate it when a trade just jumps without no reason? we were talking 4,5,6 ticks.. you just cannot tell when its going to happen nor reacted fast enough.


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A good days trading

well i had the day off work and traded every race this afternoon only losing the 1 for -0.59p and ending the day on a profit of £29.48, i have been asked how do i achieve this kind of profit using the stakes i do, which today was £60, i nearly always start out with a back, then a lay have a look at the picture attached to the this post, You can see i backed Kentuckys Boy for £60 at odds of 7.0 then laid it for £60 at 6.8, i then pressed the hedge button and this laid me £1.71 at 7.0 for a profit alround of £1.71, if i can i try and repeat this thereby doubling the profit.

happy days


Sunday, 5 April 2009

Bad start so i gave up

Started with the 1st race today, managing a 0.71Pence profit it was hard work just to get that, i then traded the next 3 races and lost in all 3 for a total of £5.14 so i said, the sun is out, lets go and enjoy it.


Thursday, 2 April 2009


A friend of mine who trades the football only told me of something that happened to him recently, he was trading the under 2.5 goals market, there had already been 2 goals and it was late on in the match, he decided to back the under 2.5 for £200 for odds of 1.78 hoping to green up a few ticks down, he was sitting watching the betrader pro screen as his £200 was not matched in fact there were £100's at 1.76 and some moneys just above his, when all of a sudden the money below some £500+, his £200 and other moneys as well as the cash at odds higher was swallowed up, then about 2 to 3 seconds later bang the market suspends clearly someone was either at the match or had a live feed and gobbled up the money over £1000, now his question his whoever pushes the suspended button must have fast information.

It makes you wonder though.

So he lost £200 from this match and was not happy as it was sitting there un-matched fo ra while, then in one movement his and others cash was gone, as the 3rd goal closed the market.


Back to it,

Well i finally got back to trading after a good few days off, i managed the last 6 races of the day from 5.00pm onwards, using just £50 stakes i managed a total profit of £15.35, the last race at 19.55(i was down as i thought there would be later racing), the last race returned £3.33, but should have been £7.91 as i had worked a lot of trades in the right direction then the last one went against me so had to take the reduced profit.