Saturday, 31 January 2009

Easiest £33.34 i have ever made.

I had planned an afternoon of Racing and football, however my daugher and son had other ideas, drop son off so he could get the coach to Football early kickoff, ferry daughter round shops, pick up son when he returned and ferry daughter, also friends then called round thus ending all my plans.
Then went out for a little while On the way home i was listening to the Man U game, they had just scored before 1/2 time and i thought that it would be a low scoring game, when i got home it was still 1-0 with minutes left, i fired up the laptop and went straight to the over/under 1.5 goals as i knew the odds would be good, i decided to get in and old as soon as possible well, i had left the stakes stuck at £15 so i laid the overs at 3.1 for £15 3 times and 3.15 for £15, with minutes left the odds were rising sharpish which is why i wanted out quick as another goal would have closed the market, the odds ahd reached 7's in about 60seconds so i pressed the Autohedge for a profit of £33.34p, my son said i should have let it ride as it would have netted £60 less 5% BF commision, but thats a risk.. and i have been stung before with last minute goals.

was also disappointed to see theres no evening racing :( so i traded today for what around 10 minutes not a bad return.


Friday, 30 January 2009

I did a Yankee

i had no time today to trade out most of the day/evening but managed to do something i have'nt done for about 8 years and that was go into a bookies, crikey they have changed, anyways i did what i call fun bets a Yankee, a 0.50pence one guess what i got 3 winners so will be going back to pick up the winnings a treble and 3 doubles mind you most were short priced and after today will be a long time before i use a bookie again.

Trades planned tommorow Racing, Football and i am tempted to try Tennis i am sure theres a final either saturday or sunday so may have a go also the Super Bowl on sunday so if anyone has any pointers on how to please reply


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Another dutch done

This was the wolverhampton 9,20 all selections matched, again dutching using reverse odds, max to win is £1.24 minimum is 0.10p

Riguez Dancer won :)

Not sure i could do this sort of thing on daily basis, but it seemed easier than trading in all honesty, again the odds of the favorite where low i may have another go when the odds are higher hoping to get more than a £1 odd, as there is always the danger of not being matched.


Decided to try something different tonight.

I used Bet-ie to dutch Back the Field in the 8.50 at wolves, i reversed the odds and used my full £100 bank then it was just a matter of waiting to be matched see image of all macthed up, the bottom 2 outsiders i told Bet-ie to minimise losses, and you can see the most i can lose its 0.04p with £1.40 odd on the other 3, woohoo from placing the bets it took about 30seconds for all to be matched some 20 odd minutes before the off, although it was a winning "trade" i do think it may have been better if the favorite was a higher price.

Time is 8.44 i going to wait and see what happens i may end up losing 0.04pence should Jonnie Skull win.

I'll post up later the result and i am going to look at the last race to see if its a worthwhile "dutch"

RESULT Kiyari win by 3/4 of a length from Hold the Bucks.
Bank up by £1.37 after BF'S Commission :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yesterdays poor show

To be honest i traded or tried to whilst being unwell, i tried 2 markets Horse and greyhound and lost on both as my reactions were slow to say the least so i stopped. i have been in bed for the last 26 hours feeling better now so will see how tommorow goes i may even have a go on the football tonight, i have come up with some new ideas which i indend on trying out then posting up on this blog Positive or negative.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Very small profit today

Had to go work this afternoon, came home and traded the last 2 races having topped up the BF account, see previous post :).
Its a profit for vey little effort.


Friday, 23 January 2009

You cannot justify

Traded late on this evening at wolverhampton made a quick £8 scalping the 7.20, i then had a 25 minute interlude and started trading the 7.50 with about 2 minutes before the off, had a back bet in, then a lay 1 tick below waiting giving it 30seconds before i scratched the trade, then the lights went out !!! a power cut i am sitting in the dark, thinking christ now what>? i desperately seek my tan number but to no avail, i cannot access the internet as the broadband wifi is down, i find the tan number, get through to BF but the race has ended... Chalace welcome has come 2nd and thus i lose my bank... :( 100 smackers gone.. power returns 20 minutes later...
i have a UPS back supply which would drive the modem, the phone line has its own power so is/was uneffected and of course the laptop has a battery, however i never thought about hooking up the UPS until now, it will not happen again as i spent 2 hours doing just and testing it.. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
This is actually the 2nd time its happened to me :(

Bank now stands at £9.86, so its start afreash for me, luckily i had/have previous weeks profits to play with so will top up in due course.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Nothing from me today

Just in from work, no trades for me today.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Todays profit and loss

Used my whole bank to trade today, only several markets as when i could, i managed to get on some big price swings, both ways but managed to raise a profit of 36.77, for those that are interested my whole bank was just over £100 and i used Fairbot for trading, no football tonight i didnt fancy it :)


Monday, 19 January 2009

Football football

I traded on the LFC v Everton match tonight, simple stuff started on the over 2.5 goals for a quick profit, back then lay, i then moved on by backing, laying, backing, laying as each trade was matched, i had other distractions (watching tv) so call a halt after 40 mins, with a profit of £21.38 unders or £20.30 on the overs.

I often wonder how much i could profit by had i traded with say £600 rather than £60, i guess a factor of 10 so £200+
but then again should things go against you, ie quick goals then disaster could happen, i'd much rather lose £60odd than £600.


Sunday, 18 January 2009

AN experimental day and profitable day

Today i decided to "experiment" on various things.
1st race"experiment" i traded a 1/2 hour before the off i used my full bank of £80 backing 1st the 2nd fave for £80 at 5.5, then laying it off for £80 at 5.1, backed again at 4.9 for 80, laying it at 4.8 for 80, and finally laying it to green up manually for £9 at 4.6. for a profit of £9 on any winner or £7.60 on Vhujon, the result was Moguk Rugby won and netted me £9 less betfairs commision of 5%.

2nd one was the last race of the day, i had read elsewhere about "laying" at odds below 2.0 and if you were to get 2 matched then a profit was gurannteed, well i set up bet-ie to do just that lay all for odds of 1.90 in running i have placed a picture of the result, i waited till close to the end of the race to ensure that there were 2 or 3 close finishers, i manged to get 2 matched, Corlough Moutain @ 1.1 and Safin @ 1.5, the result was Corlough Mountain won netting me £18 less betfairs commision.

profit for the day £27.00 less 5%= 25.65 so bank now above £100 after yesterday and has recovered from fridays loss, so bank re-adjusted to £100.
So only 2 markets traded due to me having a busy day, but a good return, % wise.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Football wins the day

No racing trading for me today, just the soccer this evening Juventus v Florentina for a profit of £24.30

was fun wacthing the large amounts of cash passing/trading many many £10000's

Thought i would put a picture of BET-ie which i used tonight
heres to tommorow

Friday, 16 January 2009

For fun and profit

Bad day, took the afternoon off started trading taking in £1.09, followed by a loss of -£13.33, then a win of £4.46, i thought right then lets get back on track, but my ISP was playing up, infact it was like working on dial up, instead of saying enoughs enough, so this followed -£13.99, a win of £6.09, a loss of -£18.31 a £0 then a final loss of -£1.71.
So the day ended on a loss of -£35.77, i phone the ISP to ask what was going on and they tell me that my 8 meg had been reduced whilst BT did some work at the "Exchange".
This made it almost impossible to catch the price movements, infact the loss were only kept down due to me playing inrunning as the horses i had traded on i ahd backed 1st, none won :(

Oh well bank now stands at £64.33, i may top it back up the original £100 using last weeks profits of £150.

Tommorow is just another day,
tip always check you broadband 1st

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lazy evening

Well nothing from me today had to work late today, got home had a look at the football markets and that was it a LOOK... and i have only just found out that evening racing has returned. So todays P/L = £0.00 :)

I said in previous post about a mate who i intruduced to betfair a month or so ago, well he was made redundant and had a big payout, he has out £1000 into a BF account and is laying horses daily, high risk too !!! lays of £10 @ odds of 10-12, he is a bit of a form study geek, and looks for horses at those odds that in his opinion have very little chance of winning.
he uses bet-ie, places his lay just before the off say £10 at 10's liabilty = £90, but he also sets a stop loss should the odds hit 5's then a back bet is fired thus reducing his liabilty by around 60%/40%.
so far he has laid 109 horse's 2 have won 23 have had the back odds fired so lost nothing and likewise won nothing, so he has had 84 wins resulting is a profit of
£790+ he talking about increasing his stakes once he reaches £2000.

If it were me i would be way to quick to hit the green up button once reached.

cheers for now.

Nothing to note

Could'nt trade yesterday as i had left my laptop switched so could'nt log in from work.
Had a look at the Football markets when i came home but had to go out was tempted to place a lay on the over 3.5 goals on the Birmingham v Wolves game, with a back bet in order to greenup, wish i had as the game ended 2-1 to wolves, the odds were lay 4.2.

No trades today as i am in meetings most of the day.

will post up later though as i have a story to post with regards to a friend of mine who i "indroduced" to betfair a month ago hes made lot of money !! with his own style of "trading".


Monday, 12 January 2009

Took the plunge

Well i took the plunge during my "extended" lunch break starting with the 1st race at Puncestown and finished at Fakenham at 14.20.
Todays total profit was £11.70, its profit for very little effort, 1st race i backed the 3d fav for £30 at 32's yes thats right 32! then placed a lay in at 28's this well before the off the odds were jumping around so i thought what the there was £80 at 36's and £120 at 34's then a gap down to 26, every now and then money would appear at the odds in between and was taken so i just joined in.

My bank is now down to £100, when i started out i had to decide if i was going to leave all the monies in BF, i decided not too prefering to stash it away in a savings account, that way i wont have the temptation use increasing large stakes or indeed lay at stupid odds, this way all i can ever lose is my original bank of £100.

Theres a program on BBC2 tonight called million dollar traders.
8 people are given 1million dollars, have 2 weeks training and have 2 months to un their own hedge fund, would'nt it be great if they gave me or you 1 million to trade with on Betfair :)

Not sure about today

Well i am at work as at 9.45, not sure about doing any trades later on during my lunch, i'll see how it goes later but i did have a look at the 1st race and i was tempted to lay the 1st race favorite and then "hopefully" green up later, if i do i will use the stop loss feature on Fairbot should the odds drop.

I'll update later.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sundays are usually slow

Another good day only traded 7 horse markets for a total profit of £17.38, traded on the Man U v Chealsea and the Wigan v Spurs game which brought in a profit of £41.41, Taking the bank to £250.60.
Not sure if i will risk trading tommorow, as it will mean logging into my laptop via a server and having it go down like last week is not wanted.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Todays P and l

Funny sort of day for me, was not really interested as i had other things to do.
I traded just 6 racing markets for a total profit of £17.05 with the highest single trade being £5.34 and lowest just £0.47p using stakes of £20/40 per trade.
Football i decided to trade the early match with Aston Villa in action i traded to a profit of £24.07 then promptly lost it in the newcastle game where i lost £52.43 whilst waiting to be matched which would have netted me £13 odd in the under/over 2.5 market as either newcastle or west ham scored, so i moved onto under 3.5 goals for a profit of £0.22 before that market closed, next was the over/under 4.5 goals where i traded hard for a profit of £30.34, before moving onto other football markets as seen in the P/L.
Total profit for football was £20.46
Total for the day was £37.51, could have been more had i done a few more horse markets but when interest wanes its hard.
Bank now stands at £209.18.
Again achieved using small stakes of between £10/40
I had a look at the 1st race at lingfield this morning at 9.50am and the 1st 3 in the betting were
Sabre light 2.86
corriolanus 3.20
Gasat 3.80
I layed Sabre light for £25 @ 2.88 think that the odds would increase they did and by 12.03 i was out at 3.85 for a £5.70 profit, the other 2's odds in the betting both if i recall had increased.
If only it was that easy every day, but i could really see sabre lights odds decreasing so a good result.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Todays profits and loss

Well started of with some small stakes and getting some small profits locked in, then i had disaster at Lingfield when i trade during the day i have to use a program called log me in from work so that i can access my Laptop at home, i try and do this during lunch and breaks.
My Works PC blocks betfair so no other way around it well today our server went down just as i laid the winner at the lingfield for £7 resulting in a loss of £47.60.
When i got home i was determined to get it back and did so on greyhounds and football, taking £31.58 from the dogs and £15.09 from football, the dogs were hard work meaning i had a massive headache from the concentration in trying wingle out 2 or 4 ticks for stakes of £20/30.

Football i layed the over 3.5 goals for 3.00 and got out for 8's going back in after the 1st goal went in, getting out for profit (small) before the 2nd and 3rd goal went in, i then went onto the over 4.5goals laying 4.3 for £20 and getting out minutes later for a £4.80 profit.

going to have to stop doing trading from work as i could stand another diasater which is out of my control, i am missing evening racing i didnt realise there were none this week so my trading will be limited.

bank now at £171.55


1st Post and welcome

Welcome to my blog, my 1st ever one.
I am hoping to show and share ideas with other sports traders how to successfully trade on the betting exchanges, mainly betfair.
I currently use Fairbot as my main trading application, i have yet to purchase it having the demo version which is good for 15 days, i have been using it for 5 days thus far and i am glad to say it offers me everything i would want for trading, I have also got or used Bet-Ie, Easy Trader pro and Laybotpro, the latter mainly being a laying or backing bot(not trading) a good piece of kit though.

I started out using Fairbot with a modest low bank of just £100, i trade pre-race using small stakes looking to take 1 or 2 ticks, happy to see a profit no matter how big or small my bank now stands at £152.46p achived in 4 days, this was from Horse Racing, Greyhounds and Soccer, there were some small losses too, these have to be accepted and managed.
Oh i only manage to trade 1 half day of the week, and evenings but can log in from work using a program called log me in, so less hours than most :(

I decided to completely revamp my style of trading, gone are the days of having liabilties of £1000+ in running as a layer and losing a hefty sum, i aim to build up slowly and increase my daily profits as the bank increases, i have a limit once achived where it will stay and wont be increased.

i am hoping to show others that trading small stakes can be fun/profitable and worthwhile.
I'll will start to update the blog as and when i have traded be it with a daily profit or indeed loss, i'll put up P/L figures from betfair and will tell you the stakes used as well as odds and stuff.

cheers for now.