Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This evenings P/L

I had a friend round this evening to demonstrate trading, because of this i was very cautious using smaller stakes ranging from £8 to £25, working across the 3 ladders watching and waiting for an opening Scalping a tick when i could which was a fair few times in some of the races, i managed to wingle out a profit of £23.76 from 16 races including 1 loss of £4.29 where 2 horse i traded on the odd went against me, as i was showing my friend the perils of trading and when to take a loss it just so happened the horse i had laid 1st romped home, had it gone in play the loss would have been far larger.

I actually enjoyed his company and the trading was stress free :)

My isp is still p"£!" poor, looks like i am going back to BT as the person i spoke with tells me that there option 3 broadband is unlimited.


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