Monday, 23 November 2009

Why no updates?

Well its been a while mainly due to the fact that i am finding it increasingly hard to trade due to Software issues, i paid for a years subscription to fairbot only to find during trading it would freeze this is sad news as FB is/was my favorite application, i emailed them last week and said i had had issues and they have agreed to refund me :) (but as yet it has not turned up in my bank account) I then down loaded Racingtraders "Evo" and on my 1st day of use was very very impressed but since then it has been like a dead dog, i have posted on thier forum 2x images 2 minutes apart 4 and 2 minutes before the start of the race, the odds have not moved as it is static and getting 0 data from betfair, i have also got the cheap and cheerful betpod pro (£5 a month) again this suffers, but much to my surprise the only platform to have stable connections in my armory is BET-IE but its rubbish as a trading platform.. so thats it, i guess i could pay up and have bet angel and give that a go, i have the free grid version and it runs well set at refreash rate 1, slow but better than the above only no ladders or indeed faster refresh rates..

I wonder what other peoples thoughts are?
Is betfair now oevr populated and cannot cope with the demand?
I have been doing some stuff backing using spreadsheets in the place markets small stakes but making profits daily, looks like i may have to continue that until a solution can be found.


  1. You tried Ronnie ? I don't really trade as such but when I have used it it's been pretty good. I've got a few vids on Youtube, just search for secretgambler. You can also download a 7-day trial and it has a practice mode should you want to test it out.

  2. Check out The Toy which was made by The Geek, it is very good and best of all free to everyone

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    I concur with the above comment. The Toy is stable, customisable and best of all, free!

    I have used Bet Trader Pro 4, Evo and Fairbot at one time or another but haven't looked back since I found The Toy.



  4. yep, I'll go along with that too :)

  5. dont use bfexplorer whatever you do, it's a pile of crap and so buggy. Racebets is probably trying to sell that rubbish

  6. Give the toy ago or maybe gruss as that's only £5 per mnth and gets good reviews even if it does look homemade. I'd agree about bfexplorer, stefan is always spamming that pos

  7. As others have already said...

    USE THE TOY!!!

    I still have a subscription to BetAngel for another six months but I'm now using The Toy instead because it's better, it's faster, it's easier to use, it's more customisable, and for manual trading it's just much much much better than anything else out there!

  8. Ditto all of the above comments with regard to The Toy. Like yourself Ronnie, I've tried most of the Apps out there but this is numero uno!

  9. It's odd though why all those apps weren't working, Ron. Sounds like something on your system was interfering. The Toy is great once you get it customised to your desired state. Takes a while but well worth it

  10. Don't get too carried away with all the toy stuff, all the people posting are from the geeks forum and it's not as good as they make out. Lots of bugs and limited, thats not to say it won't get better but they've all their own agendas

  11. wow lots of opinions, Paul as you its odd and i cannot get my head around it, some on racing traders are saying that having AVG could cause problems, i un-installed it and it made no difference i have a 2.2ghz, 3meg ram laptop with a good broadband connection, evo was running great Friday/saturday so much so i was making some good profits better than i have previously, then sunday and monday it just seems to have ground to a halt, when i log in it works for a few seconds then stops, i cannot understand as bet-ie and betangel (free grid) are running with no problems, i have a spare Harddrive with nothing but windows Vista on so i may load up the apps on there and and see if it runs.
    I have had a look at the toy, i actually signed up to the forum soem time ago but i believe nothing in this world is "free" i downloaded it this evening and had a play on the USA markets making a couple of pounds, seems like there are too many bots to play with, i'll have to read tha manual to get my head around it i guess.
    thanks for the comments.

    On my other adventures the place markets i am currently making small but continuous profits from a seperate bank, i use betbotpro which i set up in the morning hoping that from small acorns will grow big profits.
    I 'll update the blog with some images tommorow, bound not to make any profits now :)

    Cheers All

  12. Wow never realised I had quite this much of a following. Thanks to all those who recommended TT.

    DAve. Interesting comments Firstly you are absolutely correct that all the people posting are from my forum. That is because whilst TT is in Beta, you need to be a forum member to download it. So indeed every user is a member of the forum.

    Though I'm not sure what agenda they have other than suggesting someone try a product they use themselves.

    And as for "Lots of bugs" & Limited. Unlike other vendors who handle support via email, ALL my bug reports are on the forum for all to see.

    That way other users are fully aware of the issues. There are no more bugs in TT in general than there are in any other API application, it's just I am fully transparent about mine.

    As for Limited, depends what you use it for I suppose. TT is not for everyone, however for those it suits, it seems they can't sing it's praises enough.


  13. lol the geek spams his app almost as much as Stefan does :)

  14. Please don't ever put me in Stefans league. :-(

    I have much better things to do with my time than spam something that makes me no money.

    However I will defend it should I find unwarranted comments like "lots of Bugs" out here on the blogsphere.

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  18. Just read this

    Bet-IE is not and never was a trading platform.

    Bet Angel, Gruss, Toy etc are tools, and they are only as good as the user. trading is a skill and takes a lot of effort to get right.

    Bet-IE is a calculator with in built dutching systems and ratings, so its easier Also its stable because it doesnt use the API so there are not monthly fees either.