Friday, 22 May 2009

My best day

Wednesday traded a little taking in around £12 profit, then in the evening i went Horse riding with Daughter and young lady whom i have a relationship with, 1st time for me on a horse boy what a thrill, i take off my hat to the Jocks that ride these things at 40mph on flat and over sticks, i still ache :)

Thursday i managed to trade all day, taking in just under £100 profit, i managed to lag onto a few steamers and drifters holding my nerve before exiting the trades, biggest single win was £21.09 and biggest loss(we have to have them) £8.86

I now only have 275minutes left on BetTrader before i then try BetAngel, my only gripe is £15 for 20 days, so if i take it out on Monday 25th of may, it will only run until sunday the 7th of june, i am unlikely to trade everyday, i would have prefered it if it was 20days of trading, even if to took 40 or more to use.
HeyHo looking forward to giving a blast in any case.


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  1. Good stuff Ron, enjoying the blog so keep it up.