Monday, 18 May 2009

Another day and another Video

Traded on 14 races today/evening taking in £22.85 with the lowest win being £0.01 and the highest £5.94, i am loading another Video as this shows how i mainly do my trading, its by a guy called BingoLittle, tis a cracking video,

Todays trades were done using stakes of between £20 to £60, i have also included a jpeg of the last race at Wolves, i did think that the API was rather sticky tonight, in that i would place a trade and it would take a while before it was actually placed i wonder if any one else has had this problem using BetTrader>? i have about 800 minutes to use up on this software, i indend to use BetAngel well the Trial run for £15 to see how it goes, watched a video of the lastest updates to the ladder and it looks the b's Knees.


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  1. Hi ron,glad to see your back and in profit. love the blog mate thanks for the link will have a look all the best craig.