Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Inplay day.

Today i decided to Trade in-play, using small stakes of £2, £3 or £4 to keep liabilties down i backed 1st then layed off moments later, i worked on the 1st 2nd or 3rd Favorite or sometimes the 4th How did i do? Very well considering the small stakes, i traded in 14 races for a profit of £32.22

The 1st race i backed the selection for £3 @5.5 and waited for the odds to drop then placed a lay in at 5.0 both were matched and i now had a "freebet" of if it won of £1.43, but i back the selection again for £3 at 5.2 and laid it for 4.6 so another £1.40 odd, i then backed again for 4.2 again for £3, this time i knew the horse was doing well as the odds were hoping around so i placed a lay 3.00 for £3 matched in seconds so another £3.40 odd, added to the free bet which was now £6 odd the horse was trading at 1.6~2 i hedged out and got matched for a profit of £4.39.
I must admit i let this one run almost to the end of the race which i shouldnt have i then tradedit on the other races backing and laying 2 or 3 times, then hedging for the profit, 2 races went against me where the odds went up and never came down to the level i had backed them so i laid them for a net zero, this was risky as i had backed a horse for 4.2 for £2.00 and laid it at 20... meaning had it won i would have lost £32, however i would have hedged out for lower Red figure.

The last race i selected the 3rd fav Gus Macrae and backed it for £4.00 and laid it then backed again i then let it run it came 2nd beaten a length but i had hedged out well before then for a profit of £6.38


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  1. Not bad, Ron. What you describe is my bread and butter trading. I do okay but it can be frustrating. Like today, after 40 minutes, I was £120 up (using £10 stakes) then for the next hour, I couldn't do anything right. Fallers, pull ups, basic errors and then that feeling of desperation causing me to take daft risks. In the end, I called it quits £50 up. Better than a poke in the eye but hardly fantastic