Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sums of Money

Sorry for the late update, i did nothing over the weekend apart from take a few too many hits, losing £34 over the Saturday/Sunday.
I traded yesterdays late afternoon and Evening races taking in £43.67p so more than happy with that, what i was happy with is the big punters who have many £1000's in thier banks putting money up be it to back or lay only to pull it as soon as it looks like its getting matched, i had few yesterday which i caught out, i noticed £7000 at odds of 5.2, with the next odds of 5.1 with about £450 and 5.0 with £70, then to lay 4.9, 4.8, i took the plunge and layed 5.0 and placed a back bet 5.2 sure enough as soon as people started to lay it and the odds rose the £7000 dissapeared infact i moved my back bet up to 5.4 and was matched for 4 tick profit, i managed to catch a few of these.
Currently at work so nothong from till late afternoon, got Football tonight so no evening racing either.

Happy days

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