Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Trading Chances

It dawned on me last night whilst trading the evening race meetings, that as from next week evening racing will get less and less where we will get to the stage that the only chance for those of us that Trade partime ie evenings will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if we are lucky on the all weather tracks, this will leave me with a 1/2 day midweek and Saturday when not at football and sundays... how will i cope?

well i guess there are the dogs> no chance !
Football so many markets, and pitfalls and its all inrunning so not sure !!

My P/L was just £22.37 last night i took a couple of small losses, including one of £5.45 luckily as this selection went on and won and inrunning it never hit the odds that would have seen me make a smaller loss or indeed a profit, hence its always best to take the loss, it would have been smaller as i placed 1 trade, took the loss then re-entered the market only to see the odds go against me again, so i left it after that, moved onto the next market where i managed to pick up £3.89, then the next £2.67 so i had recovered my loss.

and to end, from a previous post.

"Get rich slow, get skint quick.
Trade pre race and don't let it go IR, take your losses quickly and be disiplined."


Monday, 17 August 2009

The weekend+ exchange-secrets

I traded Friday evening, Staurday afternoon and sunday afternoon of the 3 days Sunday was the best for me, pulling in £53.65, Saturday was £42.03 and Friday £27.89.
I have now come to the end of my 15day trial with fairbot which i like a heck of a lot, i have downloaded bfexplorer but to be honest a weeks trial is not long enough, as it offers a lot trading/dutching, autotrading, autoclose postitions i do plan however to give it a go this evening when i get home from work, Next up will be Gruss but it seems i have trialed it before as it says so when i tried to run it, i may pay for the minimum time and try it that way.
I will also be doing bet angel for a month but fairbot at the moment is my prime favorite who knows that may yet cahnge.

Has anyone else seen this?

Now i take my hat off to Adam however if i were pulling in £1500/2000+ a day a website looking for subscribers at £55 a month is the last thing i would want to do, its not as though he is "short" of cash is it.


Thursday, 13 August 2009


Thanks to Paul on another post i have had a look up for Gruss, i may try it tonight if i get home form work in time, and maybe tommorow evening.

Just been watching this video showing stop losses at work, best part of any trading platform imo.



Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This evenings P/L

I had a friend round this evening to demonstrate trading, because of this i was very cautious using smaller stakes ranging from £8 to £25, working across the 3 ladders watching and waiting for an opening Scalping a tick when i could which was a fair few times in some of the races, i managed to wingle out a profit of £23.76 from 16 races including 1 loss of £4.29 where 2 horse i traded on the odd went against me, as i was showing my friend the perils of trading and when to take a loss it just so happened the horse i had laid 1st romped home, had it gone in play the loss would have been far larger.

I actually enjoyed his company and the trading was stress free :)

My isp is still p"£!" poor, looks like i am going back to BT as the person i spoke with tells me that there option 3 broadband is unlimited.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Betfair trading platforms and Monday evening results

Mondays nothing spectactular, just pure scalping 9 races p/l £18.79

I use or have used the following API products.

A quick run down,
Bet-ie Cost me £97 for trading its crap, for multi dutching backing or laying its fine, it looks like some from windows 95/98 era and could do with a major overhaul, i cannot remmember last time i actually used it.

Fairbot coming to the end of my 15 day trial period, as my last trial was for version 2.51 and they brought out 2.6 the day that ended i ended up with another 15 days :) Fairbot for Trading/scalping is a great piece of kit, i ilke to use the offset bets, where it instantly lays or backs the opposite when matched, also the stop loss feature is much improved as is the new take SP when gone into play thus closing your trade, example you trade just before the off say you back at 7.0 and are looking to get a lay matched at 6.8, the race jumps off and the be lay is cancelled you are instantly matched at SP this could well be 7.00 or 6.8 either way your matched and looking at a small loss or profit ratherthan sweating hoping the odds go in your favour inrunning.

Another goood platform, quick to use for scalping when it does not "hang" or freeze this has happened to me, tools take and age to set up for stop losses ect, although the new version (when released some time early june :) ) will have right click stoplosses, it is now rather dated imo but still works :) cost is determined on minutes purchased in blocks of 500, 1000, 2000 or monthly quartly and yearly they are fairly priced and offer 6 months for 3 and other great deals. i am looking forward to the new version and giving it a good whirl.


Trading on the ladders is lightening fast, i also like the profit or loss column on the new version so its just a matter of clicking how much you want to lose or indeed win depending on the way the odds are going, right click stop losses are a bonus too, not sure about all the Graphs as they only show what has happened in the past and it seems too much information at times, i usually have a quick glance thats it no matter which platfporm i use.

The new kid on the block and still in its developement tbh i paid £5 for a months worth of subscription and the version changed numerous times in that period, which is a good thing as they are trying to develope it, as with all the others its 1 click submission on the ladder or grid, with green up button, also has 1 click stop losses which i really like. Cost is £5 a month


at the moment fairbot is my numero uno/firm favorite but i will try a month with betangel but as i dont like paying subscriptions, i will look long term after this period, fairbot is a one off payment of £87 i think for 1 year which is a bargain imo.
I will eventually settle for 1 API product and stick with it.


Monday, 10 August 2009

Words of wisdom

Picked this up on a forum elsewhere.

"Get rich slow, get skint quick.

Trade pre race and don't let it go IR, take your losses quickly and be disiplined."

Which i fully concur with.

stay lucky

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Saturday and Sundays results.

Just a short note to post my P/L for the weekend.
Saturday i was at football so only traded on the 3 early races then the early evening races when i got back as i was going out for a meal so total of 8 races traded with a profit of £17.40.

Sunday 21 races traded P/L £41.35 Lossing 1 of the races a total of £0.56p

Total Sat/sun £58.75

Used Fairbot both days


Friday, 7 August 2009

Back in the swing "Trade" sort of

I have'nt done any trading since Monday due to my isp being a pain in the backside, upshot is i am capped from 6.00pm to 12pm, reason being is i went over the 40Gb limit back in Febuary !! so i am in the process in changing. Anyhows i decided to trade the late afternoon and evening races for a total of 18 markets taking in £37.83 trading was fine until the evening races then it was like using dial up internet.
but i was happy with the profit taken using stakes of £30/35.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Its just not fair

I have been unable to trade due to my internet being at times complete and utter rubbish, It works fine from say 6.30am as i get speeds ranging from 7.3Mb to 7.5Mb to every evening now running at best 0.30Mb to 0Mb thats right 0, It drops off that my laptops wifi has to re-connect, this coaught me out yesterday last night, so enough was enough i lost £9 odd.

I have spoken to Orange, last friday they returned my call yesterday at work "Phone bod says are you by your computer, no i am at work is the computer on? no i am at work... Oh in that case i will have arrange for someone to call you in the evening", well no one rang if no call this evening then i will tommorow be getting a mac code and then switching, thought i'd give them 1 more go as the lady on the phone sounded nice :)

So trading will have to take a back seat for the interim.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Still having ISP problems

Yesterday i phoned Orange to complain about the drop in my broadband service, before i did i ran speedchecker 1st and foumainly and that at 7.00am i get a 7.5Mb rate, this drops alarmingly to 0.15MB which was the sort of speed i was getting last night, i did manage a spot of trading (more on that in a bit) anyway the guy at Orange says they will do a line check and someone will get back to me with 24hours, well its been 25 now as i ran at 10.00am, so come Monday i will be getting a mac code and going elsewhere, Perhaps BT or Sky.

Yesterdays Evening trading saw me pull a total of £57.32 mainly due to me latching on to 3 drifters, of which one went from 10's to 20's inside 2 minutes, i am using Fairbot as i have found that this is more responsive during my slow broadband period.

Hoping to squeeze in a few hours this afternoon before the fools at orange hit the brakes.