Sunday, 17 May 2009

A welcome return

Well i came back from holiday wednesday last week and only started Trading again on Friday, Saturday and today, Friday being the best day for me taking £88+ profit, Saturday was £25.56 and today 25.99 for a total 3 days profit of £140+

I came back from holiday full of freash ideas, and of course a new determination, when i trade and the fav is very much odds on, i generally ignore it but i traded on all of them then that were short priced using my whole bank, either laying or backing 1st at odds depending on the selection but they were 1.50 to 2.0, the good thing with these selections is the fact that that there is so much money on them, and the odds usually move up and down fairly easily, i found myself taking 1 to 4 tick movements, hedging then doing it again it is cracking how fast the profit mounts up of course depending on many times you enter a trade,

I am glad that the evening racing is now upon us as it gives us more oppotunitys to trade, I am again going on holiday in the Middle of june so i need to scalp as much as i can :)

Heres a good video from MickyB showing how he does it, nerves of steel ?



  1. Good to have you back updating the blog, Ron.

  2. Good to see you back, Ron. Your bank must be coming along nicely with results like those. In this post, do you mean that the nature of the short priced markets are good for scalping as they trend within a general range? I've often found them to be very volatile and when I try to scalp them, they go whizzing off into the stratosphere, leaving me reaching for my noose!

  3. Scalper its good to be back.

    Yes short priced favs, i used to avoid them like the plague but now i just wait till 2 sides of the queue have dropped enough, i was onto one tonight lay odds were something like 1.47 and back 1.46, i laid then scratched about 8 times for net £0, a full ten minutes work using my whole bank which stands at £313+ there were a couple of times where i laid at 1.46 then the odds dropped and i got out at 1.46 to back, then seconds later the price was upto 1.5+