Friday, 10 April 2009

Explaning trading

I have come across a friend at work who likes to punt on the nags, had the winner in the national, but he dutched 6 horses so as i told he actually had 5 losers, but he still hada profit, said i trade on betfair he has never used a betting exchange, explained backing/laying and hedging to go green, he now wants a live demo :) i have pointed him to other sites that have good videos he text me about an hour ago saying he has watched almost 4 hours of videos..
has downloaded betrader and wants me to go to his and show him the ropes.. yikes..

Onto todays P/L i only managed the last race at Ludlow (drove through it on Monday) and 5 races at Tipperary taking in £9.11 profit,

so happy days


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