Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bet Angel

Even though i say in the heading "using fairbot, betrader and BET ANGEL" i am yet to use bet angel, but plan to in the near future i did find a site that gave a link for a weeks free trail, i sent my email, name ect but as yet i have had no offer of a trial.
What are peoples views on Bet Angel?

Todays play was greyhounds +£2.57 and horse racing +£24.08, in the horse markets i actually took a couple of losses too, redding up rather than risking it, again had i not done then i would have been wiped out.

happy days


  1. It's good, if you've never used it you might be surprised how many different things there are on there.

    Gruss is pretty good too, they offer a 30 day free trial and it's £6 a month after that, it doesn't have all of the features that Bet Angel has but it's not that far off.

  2. Hi Ron

    I have only used Bet Angel for about 18 months now and find the features very good and comfortable to use. It automates many trading options although I don't use all of them. Having attended their seminar this week I doubt I shall use any other software and also probably use more of the features available to me.

    However, the only other software I have tried is Bet Trader for which I had a 200 minute free trial. That was just over a year ago and there is around 190 minutes still left on it! Now that may be because I had trialled Bet Angel first and, having already got used to its features, continued the use rather than learn the Bet Trader features.

    My belief is that which ever of the two I had trialled first I would have chosen Bet Angel.

    I have a friend who has also used both and Fairbot as well. He is currently aiming to earn enough from trading to purchase the years subscription for Bet Angel.

    I guess people should try as many as possible and see which is more suitable to them but, I suspect, my preference will always be for Bet Angel.


    BTW I've located that in-play trading manual we spoke about a couple of months ago that started me off on all this. If you want a copy then drop me an email.

  3. I've also settled for Bet Angel Pro after trying a couple of alternatives. It's a very secure platform and I have used it on a number of different spec PCs. The tools are well thought out and I have used experimented with many different settings. Excel intergration is something I've been playing with more recently, this enables you to display market info in a customised format. For horsracing the ladder interface with market depth and custom graphs are some of the most useful features I use. I'd say definitelty give it a go, they usually offer a trial for a small fee. Hope this helps.