Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Updates+ new software

Firstly sorry for no updates since last week, i have have been busy but still managed to get some trading in. So my trading was went like this

Friday= No trades
Saturday Limited trading due to having friends over, total profit £16.65
Sunday Traded most of the of the day, took some losses, but ended with £48.67 to the good
Monday, a good late afternoon/evening trading total profit £80.31, found some nice drifters that i managed to latch onto.

I am also using new software that i have come across, very similar to BetraderPro only the ladders are reversed so when one places a lay/back you are ineffect requesting those odds, it is also cheap as chips at £5 a month via a paypal subscription.
Currently i am at work, i am hoping to get away early and in between picking my daughter up i am hoping to get some trades in, i will also take some images and post them up later of said new software.



  1. Hi Ron, surely the ladders on BTP are already reversed, compared to the Betfair original? What's the name of the software? Gruss? Cheers as always

  2. Hi Paul

    software is called Betpodpro