Saturday, 11 April 2009

A natural or just confidence

Went to a friends to show him how to trade, he has watched Videos, read lots of stuff on various websites, he has downloaded BetraderPro ready and willing to go.
we loaded up the 1st race of the day, i was cautious and used my normal stakes (his money) and backed a selection for 5.5 then placed a lay in for 5.4 both matched i then repeated it and hedged for a profit one which i would be happy with, he seemed a little dispondant that it was low, i told him it took 2 minutes, we had secured a profit no matter, his starting bank was £800 !!!!!!! i traded the next race for stakes of £200 ! for 4.8 back and 4.6 lay then hedged for an £8 odd profit, i must admit it felt great using the larger stakes... i then decided he should have a go... he waded in backing a selection for £200 at odds of 5.6, then waited (i would have placed the lay straight away at 5.5 or 5.4, then the odds dropped to 5.2 he placed his lay at 5.1 and about 1 minute later matched, he then hedged for an £18+ profit.

i sat back and left him to it, i left as i had things to do which of course included trading of my own, i only managed the last 6 races feeling good i managed to squeeze out a profit of £22.23, including a couple of swingers, i backed and the priced plummeted.

I have had a call from my mate he traded almost all races today, took a couple of hits (ie he spread the loss) and ended up making £136.76, he cannot wait till tommorow, i recall my 1st day i had a £30 bank and i was trading with minimal stakes of £2.00, so it looks like he is a natural, he is a top guy as he sent the £10 i made via paypal.

Hope all have made profits lately

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