Monday, 30 March 2009

Time off

Been busy with 1 thing and another, so have placed no trades since last Wednesday, but have been toying with excel to be used in bet angel, i have downloaded to the Betdaq version as its free, i am useless at excel!!
i am trying to write a trigger, but want it when it "runs" in-play, but dont really understand the IF,AND commands, i was told it should look like this

=IF(AND(F2="In-play"",F6<1.4),"BACK OFFSET:10 WITH_GREENING:TRUE","")

F2 Is the cell which shows when the event is in play, F6 is where the current back odds are.

anyone had any experience with excel programming>? and is willing to put me right?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back a day early

Well i had intended to "return" on Thursday but actually came back today, traded on BF with re-newed vigor for a profit of £35.26, which i am happy with.

I am still deciding whether to trade on this evenings racing.

I asked about Bet angel in another thread on here, stating that i had found a website that gave Free trial for 7 days, which i applied for then waited for an email, well that came today thanking me for trialing thier software which i had not used hey ho guess i'll have to pay 1st then then decided but till then its BetTrader for me.



Saturday, 21 March 2009

Disaster today

well disaster struck today... i reduced my bank to my "safe" operating level of £100, i started trading on one race with 3 mins to the off placing a back bet at odds of 4.8 for £100, this was matched instantly and the lay placed at 1 tick lower at 4.7and matched so i now have £10 on this horse, with 2 mins to go, i place another back in at £100 matched and then set up the opposing lay hoping to be matched after about 1 minute i decide to scratch this trade and place the lay the same as the matched back betas it was tarding at these odds to my horror my Laptop has locked up, i press ctrl alt delete nothing, i have no back up pc, i cannot access the web either, so i get my tan number and ring betfair, the race is off and my selections odds are well above 4.8, i lay it anyway accepting the loss... my loss was £57 so the bank is down to £43.... so will need a top up from past profits.

needless to say this put me off the rest of the day, i spent the afternoon checking my laptop its just over a year old, ran all the checks, clearing out clutter and now it seems to be running smoothly, i wont be able to trade till thursday as i am away for a few days.

cheers for now


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday, football/racing

This evening i traded horses, making a loss of £3.55, i also traded on a dog at monmore making the hefty sum of £0.06p woohoo, i then moved onto the Football markets, making a couple of pounds on the over/under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 markets, i was watching this match on channel5, and Aab scored with about 8 minutes to go, i backed them to win as Man city didnt lool like scoring i had actually placed the lay bet when Aab were awarded a penalty which they scored, so once the market went inplay again i laid them for a profit of £29.05.

i was the looking around on the betfair site and noted that there was a south american game inplay, and was being shown live on betfair, they were 2-0 up after 25minutes, the odds to back were 1.20 now i dont know nothing about south american football, so i decided just to watch it, 2-0 soon became 3 and i had a look on betrader, market suspends so i sit at 1.04 with £150 not expecting it to be matched once it unsuspends, i place the bet and to my surpise its matched, with the odds then dropping to lay 1.01, i then decided to green up than take the £6 if ends in a win, so the profit is £4.46 as can be seen in the picture, was the easiet 4.46 i have ever made, wish i ahd asked for slightly higher odds now.

So total p/l today is £33.49


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bet Angel

Even though i say in the heading "using fairbot, betrader and BET ANGEL" i am yet to use bet angel, but plan to in the near future i did find a site that gave a link for a weeks free trail, i sent my email, name ect but as yet i have had no offer of a trial.
What are peoples views on Bet Angel?

Todays play was greyhounds +£2.57 and horse racing +£24.08, in the horse markets i actually took a couple of losses too, redding up rather than risking it, again had i not done then i would have been wiped out.

happy days

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mistakes and it cost me.

Made some errors today in fact 6 on the trot, i traded 6 races today and lost on all of them a total of £56.72, i backed and the odds shot up, i laid and they dropped like theres no toomorow, had i let them run in play then the loss would have been my entire bank... as i didnt withdraw last weeks profits it still stands at just over £220.
I then decided to trade the greyhounds that were live on skysports, i dont have skysports so i just traded on the favorite dog in the races at Sheffield taking in £14.44, i also had a dabble on the Arsenal match in the under 3.5 market for a £11.35 profit, so i ended the day down £30.93.

As i said it could have been worse, in the past i have sat looking the screen, trying to decide if i should take say a £9 loss across the card or risk risk losing almost all my bank should my selection onto to win, this i have done and got away with a number of times but its fated that it will catch up on you, i have been caught out a number of times, backed only to see the odds shoot way way above the original odds never to recover, or laid and the odds drop to almost zero, resulting in a big loss, so when i prerace trade i nearly always take the loss across the card, i say nearly because the temptation is still there, was so tempted twice today and as i said had i not cut the loss then i would have been wiped out, because of this and despite "losing" on the day £30.93 i am happy with my discipline.

So my bank slightly dented lives for another day.


Monday, 16 March 2009

Last 2 races today

got home from work and caught the last 2 races which i "pre-race traded" for an almighty profit of £2.75

profit is profit :)


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday was inplay day

Today i decided to have ago "inplay" as well as trading, i started off with the 1st race losing £2.56, due to a bad decision on my side, i then went on made a profit on every race there after, when traded in play i used stakes of £15 to £30 backing 1st and immediately laying it off, usually towards to the back end of the race.

todays P/L was £90.76, i think Jon posted about inplay markets, all i can say is you need to be fast and have good software it also helps if you can see the races, i have ATR and thats it.

Badger has placed an in-running video on the racing traders forum, not sure i could run with the Liabilty that he did mind.
heres the link/address


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hard work

Again my trading was limited to the Evening racing at Kempton, Boy was it hard work,
Started off well trading the last race at Southall for a £4.65 profit, this was followed by the races at Kempton, which was hard work even to nick a tick or 2, well it seemed that way, infact the 1st race traded for a net 0, 2nd race i laid inchlodge whose odds that set off like a rocket, i took the loss of £1.54 but with 8 minutes to the off i decided to see if i could trade out of the loss i did this and endedup with a profit of £0.47, the next 2 races saw profits of £0.14, £0.30, i then traded in the 8.20 win market and the place market, i had a profit of £2.80 and £2.54 on both markets leaving me with a total eveing profit of £10.90, but as i write this i had just traded on the 8.50 for a profit of £0.69, giving me a total profit on the day of £11.59, i have decided enoughs enough, the liquidity is just not there perhaps people are saving monies for tommorows final day cheltenham.
I have the day off i will see how it goes on whether i trade or not.

Happy days

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A couple of markets and we are in profit.

traded the evening races to night as well a little soccer for a profit of £19.17
above is one of the prerace trades i had.

happy days

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesdays light dabble

Well i am back at work, missed the 1st day of Cheltenham but i have booked friday off for the last day, i got home today and traded on the last race of the day then decided to play on the Greyhounds, just so i could practice "trading" the price movements, small profits over all this evening making a total profit of £7.96

i hope everyone else made some good profits today from Cheltenham, i am off to read all the blogs.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Some days things dont go right

I just could'nt get into the swing of things on the Normal markets, so i tried the place markets started off taking small profits then got hit with 2 losses, for a total loss on the day of -£2.78, when i cannot get into the swing of things or just dont feel right i stop so i did..I wont even try the football tonight.

i reduced my Bank to the £100 limit that i set myself yesterday it now stands at £97.22, but my savings account was topped up yesterday.

Will more than likely next trade in the evening races tomorrow until then heres another video on how to trade.


Sunday, 1 March 2009

Man u v Spurs

If you have read this blog from early on, you will know that i am a single father to 2 kids, a son 16 and daughter almost 13, my daughter is a budding Gymnast, trains 3-4 days aweek, well today was another competition day for her and another 1st place,
so my trading was limited to the last 10 minutes of the Man v Spurs match in extra time, Having seen the players and how tired they looked it was obvious to me that there would be no goals, so i traded in the Extra time market working on the draw. my 1st trade was a back at 1.52 for £50.1 it should have been £190 but the odds went down leaving the rest un-matched, not having the nerve to let it run i laid at the next lowest odds which was 1.44 for £50.1, i then waited and placed further lays/backs, as can be seen in the Picture above, eventually greening up for a £22.24 profit on the draw or £20.74 on any other result.