Monday, 8 June 2009

A fortunate evening

Started off well this evening taking small profts in the 1st 3 races i traded on, of £2.97, £1.24 and £3.87, great i thought next race which was the 18.50 at pontefract i laid Shibhan for £50 at odds of 6.6, this was with about 20seconds before the off, i hadnt realised the time Doh !!!!!!!!!! and as i was about to put a back bet in which would have seen me take a loss, the Laptop screen went blank, Oh my god i thought (well it was more than that) i had not plugged in the charger and the power in the battery had gone to zero, which i didnt notice either, by the time i had the power in and the laptop up and running so was the race, but it was trading at 30's i was just about to hedge at those odds when it hit the 100's, sod it i thought let it run it duly lost and i profited by £47.50, i was lucky i guess as it could have gone either way :) but after my 4 days of losses i was happy to take it, the rest of the evening Trdaing, scalping 1 tick or 2 ending the day with £76.80 but take away the "lay" bet and it means my trading was £29.30 from 12 races traded, biggest win was £8.27 and lowest was 0.01p
But i have learned a new lesson, Check the power before i commence, i have a ups to back up my wifi modem in the event of a power cut... just 1 more check.



  1. I had the oppostite luck to you this evening - made some small profits, then looked at my P&L on Betfair and saw I was - £50 on the last race after I accidently left a bet in the market. D'oh

  2. Good to see your still making a few quid ron

  3. you live to trade another day, Ron!