Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mistakes and it cost me.

Made some errors today in fact 6 on the trot, i traded 6 races today and lost on all of them a total of £56.72, i backed and the odds shot up, i laid and they dropped like theres no toomorow, had i let them run in play then the loss would have been my entire bank... as i didnt withdraw last weeks profits it still stands at just over £220.
I then decided to trade the greyhounds that were live on skysports, i dont have skysports so i just traded on the favorite dog in the races at Sheffield taking in £14.44, i also had a dabble on the Arsenal match in the under 3.5 market for a £11.35 profit, so i ended the day down £30.93.

As i said it could have been worse, in the past i have sat looking the screen, trying to decide if i should take say a £9 loss across the card or risk risk losing almost all my bank should my selection onto to win, this i have done and got away with a number of times but its fated that it will catch up on you, i have been caught out a number of times, backed only to see the odds shoot way way above the original odds never to recover, or laid and the odds drop to almost zero, resulting in a big loss, so when i prerace trade i nearly always take the loss across the card, i say nearly because the temptation is still there, was so tempted twice today and as i said had i not cut the loss then i would have been wiped out, because of this and despite "losing" on the day £30.93 i am happy with my discipline.

So my bank slightly dented lives for another day.


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  1. Never ever ever ride your loss by letting it go in-running. At one night at a Great Leighs meeting, I let two losses go in-running and lost my entire bank as a result. It ain't worth the pain!