Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Not so good Goodwood

Well i had the afternoon off as i usually do on a Tuesday :) Sat down with Channel 4 on to watch Goodwood races, i started trading on the 2.00 at beverley taking in £4.89
great start i thought, next race Goodwood and a loss of £5.89, then back to beverley and a profit of £2.67, then to goodwood and another loss of £3.21, and so it continued a win and a loss so after 4 losing races at Goodwood i traded all the other meetings leaving goodwood well alone, for a days final profit of £53.84, i missed out a few evening races due to ferrying my daughter and son around Kids eh...

Goodwood the volumes of money was very high, and tbh i just couldnt read the markets so glad to be at work tommorow.. Not !!


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