Monday, 17 August 2009

The weekend+ exchange-secrets

I traded Friday evening, Staurday afternoon and sunday afternoon of the 3 days Sunday was the best for me, pulling in £53.65, Saturday was £42.03 and Friday £27.89.
I have now come to the end of my 15day trial with fairbot which i like a heck of a lot, i have downloaded bfexplorer but to be honest a weeks trial is not long enough, as it offers a lot trading/dutching, autotrading, autoclose postitions i do plan however to give it a go this evening when i get home from work, Next up will be Gruss but it seems i have trialed it before as it says so when i tried to run it, i may pay for the minimum time and try it that way.
I will also be doing bet angel for a month but fairbot at the moment is my prime favorite who knows that may yet cahnge.

Has anyone else seen this?

Now i take my hat off to Adam however if i were pulling in £1500/2000+ a day a website looking for subscribers at £55 a month is the last thing i would want to do, its not as though he is "short" of cash is it.


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  1. His whole site just smells a bit fishy to me. Like you say, what difference is 55 quid if he is pulling in the kind of money he is claiming to ?