Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday was inplay day

Today i decided to have ago "inplay" as well as trading, i started off with the 1st race losing £2.56, due to a bad decision on my side, i then went on made a profit on every race there after, when traded in play i used stakes of £15 to £30 backing 1st and immediately laying it off, usually towards to the back end of the race.

todays P/L was £90.76, i think Jon posted about inplay markets, all i can say is you need to be fast and have good software it also helps if you can see the races, i have ATR and thats it.

Badger has placed an in-running video on the racing traders forum, not sure i could run with the Liabilty that he did mind.
heres the link/address



  1. The thing that puts me off in play trading is knowing there are people out there who have an advantage over you with things like SIS and TurfTV, that and 2 or 3 bad races can wipe a days profits out.

    The racing on Channel 4 is as quick as SIS though I think.

  2. Hi Ron, are you watching the race while in-play trading? Thanks for answer. This result is really nice

  3. Btw Ron any chance of linking my blog in your list?

    It would be appreciated.

  4. Scalper, blog added, i agree with your comments about the guys with sis/TurfTv but have read on the betfair forum that the speed is now down to what it was, either way when i try and do it, i try and read the race i wouldnt do it without pictures, as i can then judge which horse is running strong or weakening, i certainly wouldnt try it on 5,6 or 7 furlong race, i have found that long distance 1mile+ is best.
    I play with small stakes, i couldnt do it with large ones as my bank size will not allow for it.