Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hard work

Again my trading was limited to the Evening racing at Kempton, Boy was it hard work,
Started off well trading the last race at Southall for a £4.65 profit, this was followed by the races at Kempton, which was hard work even to nick a tick or 2, well it seemed that way, infact the 1st race traded for a net 0, 2nd race i laid inchlodge whose odds that set off like a rocket, i took the loss of £1.54 but with 8 minutes to the off i decided to see if i could trade out of the loss i did this and endedup with a profit of £0.47, the next 2 races saw profits of £0.14, £0.30, i then traded in the 8.20 win market and the place market, i had a profit of £2.80 and £2.54 on both markets leaving me with a total eveing profit of £10.90, but as i write this i had just traded on the 8.50 for a profit of £0.69, giving me a total profit on the day of £11.59, i have decided enoughs enough, the liquidity is just not there perhaps people are saving monies for tommorows final day cheltenham.
I have the day off i will see how it goes on whether i trade or not.

Happy days


  1. Where did the posts from the other day about trigger betting on bet-ie go, Ron? Was going to try it on a free trial..

  2. Hi Paul

    not sure i have only just noticed myself, tbh i cannot remmember what i posted :) Triggers in BET-IE i used low stakes and set it up to fire at odds of 1.25 with a spread of 30%.
    how have you managed to get a free trial, i asked for a discount on the laz-ie and was refused :) perhaps i should have asked for a trial.
    Be careful when setting up the trigger as the 2 settings are fire when odds are getting better or worse, if you use better as soon as you take off the safety it fires no matter what odds are, so use worse, better still have a play using the training mode, use it in running of course.

    i was reading about using Betangel and triggers fired from Excel using "if" statements so it is possible to use this software too, although i would love one that triggered back bets at odds of say 1.50, and then "if" matched lays at 1.20 securing the profit as we all know even 1.01 can and do get beaten.

    Did nothing today racing wise as i had zero time, likewise tommorow,. :(

  3. Um, I just presumed they had a free trial offer. They definitly used to have one because I tried the software before. Was going to use a different bf account but looking on their site just now, I can't see any sign. Can't remember how I got it before. Surely a free trial is an industry standard? How's the laz-ie going?

  4. Hi Paul
    The Laz-ie is when i use going well, but at the moment i have 100's of minutes to use on betrader, i too would ahve thought they would allow a "free" trial, i dont know what software you use but i assume that most all have trigger function, Betrader has one i am as yet to use it.