Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Money to Burn?

Have you ever noticed large volumes of money being moved on 1 horse?

Today i was trading on a horse it was running as 3rd fave with odds at 7.6 to back and 7.8 lay, i backed for £80 at 7.6 i placed my back just as the last few pounds were being snapped up so i was in front and matched, i then placed the lay at 7.4 for £80, matched almost instantly, as someone came crashing in with £6000+, he started to push the price down, matching everything all way down to 5.4, and i missed it such was the speed that he kept pushing his money in order to get matched, i hedged out for a £2.85 profit as there just seconds to the off but it could have been so much more, as for the punter who placed £6000+ at odds from 7.4 to 5.6 well he lost. I had read on another blog that last week there was someone placing £1000's on races, its something to look out for as he will push the price down to ensure he gets matched.


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