Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Children in need weekend

Here in the UK we have chldren in need weekend whereby people of all walks of life do all manner of things and donate and raise cash for the Children in need TV Show the money raised is passed to world wide charites to help those less fortunate than ourselves, i will be trading tommorow and all profits will be passed onto the geeks "children in need" Charity Plugathon via the donation button on the geeks forum.

Also the geek himself will be raising/giving monies for the said Charity just for plugging the Number 1 trading platform the GeeksToy, he is also putting up prize money in various competitions on the Forum, Inc £250 cash and a full betfair subscription to the API worth £2000 alone !!

The geeks toy, my own personal favorite trading platform will remain "FREE" for the whole of 2011 unbelievible !!! it now has full advanced charting and market overviews and best of all it is fully customible to suit you and the cost again is £0 for all of 2011.

I will put up some of my selections tommorow,
You will find the toy here
Probably the best Betfair Trading Software in the world!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Winter is almost here

And racing is now getting "harder" well in my opinion in that my trading opportunities are somewhat limited to just the evening races held on wed, thurs and Friday and this is just 1 meeting of say 7 to 6 races.
I will also do the odd saturday and sunday "football" permitting.

I now an almost 100% in-running trader, i read form and look for selections that i think will run well, i use fracsoft, racing post and a few other sites, i actually enjoy in-running despite its risks over pre race trading, if you are contemplating going in running always have a plan of an entry and an exit, i always back 1st usually in the last seconds before the off, with an exit based on my research on the selection.
I use the Toy and no other application as it provides me with speed and of course the hedge function, it does have graphs but i find then of no use to me as an in-runner, likewise there is no stop loss, i have one already its called my mouse and as a trader you must be willing to use it. :) to get out of a sticky situation

I will hopefully now that i have more time put up some of my selections and why i have actually picked those runners, i occasionally back a horse when i leave for for work and leave my lay in place with keep bets in place, currently i am looking at using a mobile for betfair mobile, i currently have a HTC phone but find that betfair takes and age to load up, as there is no app for it.

More later.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Today in-running

As i have posted previously i have been rating horses today was all about in-running using these, so how did i fare? very very well, the list below is the selections all were backed just before the off and laid in-running using the geeks toy and ensuring profit by hedging, there were a couple of winners at decent prices, the best one was the last Kings Raven i backed at odds of 42 and posted on the Geeks forum/live chat that i had... it then went to 48's before the off, then it went away i got out at 32 with a green book, it actually came second and went all the way down to 1.60 !!! some of the notables were Pokanket backed at 10 and out at 7's it won, as well as Miss safron and Phantom Lad again i posted that i had backed the latter at 6.2 and out at 5.7, perhaps i need to hold my nerve... and go for a bigger profit :) stakes today were £10, and £3 for the last race all backed 1st.

Fontwell 2.00 Good Faloue
Market Rasen 2.10 Pokanoket
Fontwell 2.30 Martys Mission Non-runner
Market Rasen 2.40 Ahmedy
Fontwell 3.00 Miss Safron
Fontwell 3.30 One Corneto
Fontwell 4.00 Phantom lad
fontwell 4.30 Shakas pearl
Fontwell 5.00 kings raven

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

been a while

well sorry for the delay in updating the blog, i have had 2 x days off work and traded both days, yesterday was a mixture of profits and losses ending up on £38.45p in profit, today was better topping £70 again a mixture only this time pre-race and 2x in-running, i have decided to go this way due to my mind set as trading is mind numbling boring at times, for the last few months i have read form from various sites collated dated to a spreadsheet in order to compile ratings, i am looking at Jockey, speed, running form etc, i look to back just before the off and place a lay at least 10/15% below to ensure a profit, i also have my mouse hovering around the original back price or sligt above so i can get out with minimal loss or £0.
Agin i am using the toy because speed is of the essence and the toy has it all, the geeks forum is good too, so much so i spend a lot of timeon there as it also has live chat and many helpful people on-line.

Markets traded since last update Tennis, horses, greyhounds and football not sure about greyhounds as the markets only form in the 2 minutes before the off and its frantic at times, Tennis is great though next tournament has already started but its the early rounds so not much money around hopefully it will pick up soon.

Re: my ratings i may post some up for Thursday, as i am hoping to take the day off.

till next time

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weeks results

This week saw me manage to pull in £236.27, i only traded 3 races yesterday :( as i went to a football match. The cash was "earned" in the following markets Cricket £2.04, Soccer £18.36, Tennis £115.98 and Horse racing £99.89, i took a few losses on the horse though out the week but more than made up for them today with a days total of £68.19 i am more than happy with this weeks totals and again with my disipline where i have accepted losses hedged and moved on.
Again i am very happy with the Tennis trading :)


Friday, 5 March 2010

Quick post + Free trading software for Betfair

I have managed to trade most eveings this week again with some good results, Football, Horses and Tennis with Tennis being again the biggest earner, i have also been working on ratings for Horses i may put some up on here, these i will expect to shorten from SP to in-play.

Dont forget to get the best trading software which is FREE to all click on the link to the right, if you have read my blog over the months you know that i did a review of other software i have used, none compare to the TOY.


Sunday, 28 February 2010

1 weeks results

i have managed to do a whole weeks trading, now that the evening racing has commenced on weds/thurs/firdays also i have found new markets with the best for the week being Tennis which account for almost 50% of the profit achived.

Profit for the week was £250.72 and was made from the following markets
Greyhounds £9.97, Football £22.85, Tennis £111.35, Horse racing £106.55

Geyhounds was achieved over 6 days and to behonest was not easy, likewise the football, i made £13 of that today in a spainish match i had just laid the draw when the suspension came it was for ath madrid who had just scored against 10 men valencia, who monets later were reduced to 9 men, i let the odds shoot then traded out

I am still using the Toy, link to the right and spend most of my Internet time on the geeks forum, probably the reason for being away from the blog world :) the forum is helpful as all members are there to help each other, be they new people into trading or indeed experienced traders it really is a great place to be.

Stay lucky and green and i'll hopefullly have another week of trading to report

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Well today i had a good afternoons trading.
Took in around £55 odds profit with the best one being in the image above, i managed to make this amount by trading on more than 1 selection, this is my style i constantly look for openings to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Funny watching the racing and the geeks toy whilst in running the 4.00 at southwell had Calculus Affair matched at 1.02 for £11000 and 1.01 for £10000 but got beaten in the final few feet by a 50/1 shot... thats a lot of cash to lose to try and win so little in comparison, unless of course you laid it.

I am off work tommorow so will again be trading hopefully taking in more profit, dont forget, use the Toy the traders choice and free for the time being link to the right, also geeks forum is a helpfull one with advice etc.



Traded on the Murray/Fed final sunday morning, got in when fed was winning 2 nil i think only traded the last set. basically backing then laying on fed depending on how the serve was going, made a profit of £20 odd, then tonight i found there was a tennis match on some tour (i know nothing about tennis) i have posted up a screenshot again i am using the Geeks Toy, which is now my main trading platform, well only one, i again made a profit of £11.00 which took about 12 minutes, i will be using tennis a lot more in the future.

Horse racing has been very hit and miss for me, when i have been able to trade betfairs API has played up, got caught sunday, had laid a selection then was matched at the of at sp, but i was showing a potential loss of £72, i had to use betfairs grid to place a back bet in to reduce this loss, which i got down to £9 odd, luckily for me as the horse went on and won, i knocked it on the head and did something else, washed clothes/cooked etc.. :)

The API appears to have been stable today according to betfair forum/service announcements lets hope it continues as i am off work tommorow afternoon and possibly wednseday