Friday, 17 April 2009

A good day

Well i had a good day today taking in just over £40 profit, surprisingly a lot was from pre-race trading, the late afternoon races from 4.30 and the evening races seemed easier to trade, i was doing well but one trade went against me meaning i was looking at £9.75 loss across the all runners, i took the loss too soon as the odds then reversed and had i held my nerve i would have had a 3 tick profit(well i wouldnt as i only look for 1), i had 2 other losses for £4.34 and £2.09, i also did a couple of in-play trades mainly on races over 1.5miles, longer the better, again small stakes of £2,3 or 4pounds and £60 for pre-race.

i have placed some screen shots of the better trades i did so that others can understand the process.

I am off to see my mate tommorow the guy who i talked about last week the "Natural" well he is still doing well but is finding too boring and because of this his mind wanders.



  1. hi there,

    I ve added your blog to my link exchange...I ve just started mine, you can check it on (The eX-Files). Will appreciate it if you can add mine to yours :)



  2. Hi Ronnie

    I've moved my racebets daily racing blog to FormBet and have put up a link to your excellent site on there. Would appreciate a reciprocal link. Keep up the good work.