Sunday, 29 November 2009

Saturday and Sundays results.

Well Saturday was a good day for me i traded in 28 markets and ended up profitting to the tune of £30.37, Sunday traded to a profit of £15.48 from 12 markets including 1 of net £0 and -3.92, so weekends total Trading p/l £45.85, but theres more i accidently left a back bet in un-matched for £16.53 and because i have had take sp when it goes in play i was matched at odds of 7.99, the horse was Star Strider which went on and won, i had also traded another selection, i had 3 ladders open and had changed star strider to the other selection, it was 7f race which i was listening too, i only realised i had an open "bet" in the final few yards, as i was listening to betfair radio, i pulled up star strider just as it was hitting odds of 1.01 so i just left and profitted by £128.68, this was nothing more than a fluke, but after losing on trading the stateside races due to the early suspension i was more than happy, i worked out had it lost i would have lost my stake of £16.53 but minus the postion i had traded in the other selection and the days profit i would have been a pound or so up so would not have been a great dissaste, so my weekend Profit ended at £ trading for me till tuesday afternoon,
Till then.


Oh by the way get the TOY, the link is to the right, it is a great Toy !!!

Friday, 27 November 2009

2 day Update

I have managed to trade the last 2 days for a profit of £63.09, almost clawing back my dumb mistake on the USA markets, still having a play on them as the money has increased, some races top £100k, so its possible to scalp/nick ticks, just make sure your out well before the off.

I am using the "Toy" which is superb, but i have had a few markets pause, but by closing and reopening the market its cured.

I'll add a link for the Toy, its free to use for now.

Below is a Screen shot of one of tonights races, taking in £3.30, i had several with this amount at Wolves and Dundalk, whilst others werefor £2.29 down to £0.67 and a small loss of £0.45p this was after i was waiting to be matched i had selected take SP, Which it did i then redded up.
Happy days.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

what a an idiot

Well, i have always preached about not letting things go in play....More on that in a while, yesterday i had a good 2 hours or so in the afternoon trading the Horses, using the "toy" what a great piece of kit that is however its early days for me and because its new i used small stakes of £5/10 scalping 1 or 2 ticks then hedging, i worked my way to a profit for the afternoon of £14.09, now here comes the idiot in me i went out last night to a football game, came back and decided to have a go at the USA races, started off well taking in £1.09, then £0.76p and few other £'s then in a race just after 11, i laid a horse at odds of 8.8 for £10 not noticing that it was seconds left before the off then bang the race is suspended and there off, i have at the races on, who are showning the race and the bugger goes onto win.... Argh no inplay, take sp for a counter trade so i am down £78 and not happy, of course all my own fault and another lesson learnt.

As for the toy, as i have said iam indeed impressed and will contiune to use it, but must steer clear of the usa races or look at the clock, the Toy could do with the clock being a bit bigger imo, i know betangel is large and is detachable.

Any way looking to try and at least salvage some of the lost monies soon, i will increase the stakes to a level i was at a few months ago that being £20/40... and dont lay with 0.2 seconds before the off.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Why no updates?

Well its been a while mainly due to the fact that i am finding it increasingly hard to trade due to Software issues, i paid for a years subscription to fairbot only to find during trading it would freeze this is sad news as FB is/was my favorite application, i emailed them last week and said i had had issues and they have agreed to refund me :) (but as yet it has not turned up in my bank account) I then down loaded Racingtraders "Evo" and on my 1st day of use was very very impressed but since then it has been like a dead dog, i have posted on thier forum 2x images 2 minutes apart 4 and 2 minutes before the start of the race, the odds have not moved as it is static and getting 0 data from betfair, i have also got the cheap and cheerful betpod pro (£5 a month) again this suffers, but much to my surprise the only platform to have stable connections in my armory is BET-IE but its rubbish as a trading platform.. so thats it, i guess i could pay up and have bet angel and give that a go, i have the free grid version and it runs well set at refreash rate 1, slow but better than the above only no ladders or indeed faster refresh rates..

I wonder what other peoples thoughts are?
Is betfair now oevr populated and cannot cope with the demand?
I have been doing some stuff backing using spreadsheets in the place markets small stakes but making profits daily, looks like i may have to continue that until a solution can be found.