Monday, 27 July 2009

Just a quick note

No trading today as i am at work, but will find some time this evening in-between my daughters gynastics class.
I managed to trade 21 markets yesterday, winning on 16 of those, 1 scratched and the remainder losses, the last race of the day was my biggest loss of £6.06 i had laid this selection with about 60 seconds before the off when the odds plummeted, so i hedged out, as it was the horse in question "La- Something or other2 went off at 9's, challenged and was beaten in a photo, my liabilty before hedging was some £600+ i would have had heart failure had i let it ride even though it didnt win :) Sundays P/L was £41.89

I managed to trade a few races on saturday for a profit of £12.34

I am currently using betpodpro cost is £5 a month, has a few hiccups but is releatively easy to use, i like the right click "stop loss" feature which is simialar to BetAngel's one click and its done, generally i will place it 1 or 2 ticks either side of my opening trade (if i remmeber), on betrader pro (which i do like a lot) the stoploss has to be activated by selction/tools then if more than/less than etc too time consuming so i have never used it which is a shame really as they promote the 1 click and its placed.

Anyway here ends my tea break..


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