Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Its just not fair

I have been unable to trade due to my internet being at times complete and utter rubbish, It works fine from say 6.30am as i get speeds ranging from 7.3Mb to 7.5Mb to every evening now running at best 0.30Mb to 0Mb thats right 0, It drops off that my laptops wifi has to re-connect, this coaught me out yesterday last night, so enough was enough i lost £9 odd.

I have spoken to Orange, last friday they returned my call yesterday at work "Phone bod says are you by your computer, no i am at work is the computer on? no i am at work... Oh in that case i will have arrange for someone to call you in the evening", well no one rang if no call this evening then i will tommorow be getting a mac code and then switching, thought i'd give them 1 more go as the lady on the phone sounded nice :)

So trading will have to take a back seat for the interim.


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