Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A good day.

I Took the day off work, traded all day well most of it, total profit was new best for me £118.65p, i decided to use fairbot, which i have had on a 15 day trial for some time think i still have 10 day to go :) i used the trade function and smart bets, where by it will instantly submit the opposite trade so that you will be fully green or red if matched, it only does this when a full match is achieved on the original 1st trade, i used this to great effect, in and out sharpish, on the 3rd/4th or 5th fav or even higher depending on odds.
see screen shots, fairbot is a good piece of software, but i will be next getting a sub for bet angel as i liked that a lot when i trialed it last.



  1. Good to see you doing well, Ron.

    A quick question about the smart bet function, if you put a bet in the market does it put a lay in on the opposite side for a one tick profit and a one tick stop loss in the other side if it goes against you?

    Or have I got that all wrong?

  2. Hi Scalper.
    You are correct, in the help files it states

    FairBot offers an ability to trade on Betfair with ease, (using just one mouse click when the confirm option is switched off). It also gives an opportunity to place dual bets, (Back and Lay), simultaneously. When the Trading option is checked FairBot works out the parameters for both bets taking the default Back and/or Lay stake from the main screen. It then works out the second bet odds using the Offset setting on the main screen, and then places bets at a favourable price. If the "Smart Bets" option is checked it also calculates the best stake for the second bet, thus making a profit regardless of the event result, if both bets are matched.

    The stop loss works the way as you asked as i used it tonight, as i had ticked the box with out knowing, and twice it put in a loss, which i then traded out of.

    google fairbot, its free to use for 15 days :)


  3. Hi ron

    can you explain me how to enter the market to lay greyhound using fairbot? with my last $5.22, can i increase it up to $500 using fairbot

    Please answer me via email ( and i very glad for it

    Thank you

  4. Hello Ron,

    Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but just discovered it,

    Could I ask what was your strategy to achieve these results?, what I'm asking is that on average what was your timing of the bets and with this would you be taking an available price or getting a more favourable position by placing your stake higher on the backing side or lower on the lay side (or both)?,

    Thanks for your time..