Saturday, 21 March 2009

Disaster today

well disaster struck today... i reduced my bank to my "safe" operating level of £100, i started trading on one race with 3 mins to the off placing a back bet at odds of 4.8 for £100, this was matched instantly and the lay placed at 1 tick lower at 4.7and matched so i now have £10 on this horse, with 2 mins to go, i place another back in at £100 matched and then set up the opposing lay hoping to be matched after about 1 minute i decide to scratch this trade and place the lay the same as the matched back betas it was tarding at these odds to my horror my Laptop has locked up, i press ctrl alt delete nothing, i have no back up pc, i cannot access the web either, so i get my tan number and ring betfair, the race is off and my selections odds are well above 4.8, i lay it anyway accepting the loss... my loss was £57 so the bank is down to £43.... so will need a top up from past profits.

needless to say this put me off the rest of the day, i spent the afternoon checking my laptop its just over a year old, ran all the checks, clearing out clutter and now it seems to be running smoothly, i wont be able to trade till thursday as i am away for a few days.

cheers for now



  1. Hi Ronnie
    Bad luck with the laptop.
    I'm just starting out trading trying to learn from articles etc.. One bit of advice I have seen is to have a spare pc and mobile internet.
    A cheaper way is to use a mobile with internet, thats what I will use to start with. About £8 a month and you can use Betfair mobile at anytime. For the laptop I use a program called c cleaner, it's free and speeds up the laptop.


  2. First rule of 'IICGWIWGW' betting - you are guaranteed to lose the bet after you take out winnings from your account.


    (If it can go wrong it will go wrong)

  3. Bad luck Ronnie! This has happened to me a few time, most recently the other day. My PC is at least 5 years old so this spurred me on to purchase a new, MONSTER BEAST of a PC! Can't wait to receive it!

    Still, as per Pete's advise, always best to have a backup with a separate connection (I will soon too).

    Good luck on thursday!


    P.S Loving IICGWIWGW! lol.