Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Trading Chances

It dawned on me last night whilst trading the evening race meetings, that as from next week evening racing will get less and less where we will get to the stage that the only chance for those of us that Trade partime ie evenings will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday if we are lucky on the all weather tracks, this will leave me with a 1/2 day midweek and Saturday when not at football and sundays... how will i cope?

well i guess there are the dogs> no chance !
Football so many markets, and pitfalls and its all inrunning so not sure !!

My P/L was just £22.37 last night i took a couple of small losses, including one of £5.45 luckily as this selection went on and won and inrunning it never hit the odds that would have seen me make a smaller loss or indeed a profit, hence its always best to take the loss, it would have been smaller as i placed 1 trade, took the loss then re-entered the market only to see the odds go against me again, so i left it after that, moved onto the next market where i managed to pick up £3.89, then the next £2.67 so i had recovered my loss.

and to end, from a previous post.

"Get rich slow, get skint quick.
Trade pre race and don't let it go IR, take your losses quickly and be disiplined."



  1. Nice post Ron. Yes, hadn't realised that the months were slipping away, and soon very little evening gee gees.

    Does liquidity pick up in the evening dog races do you know seeing as the nags are asleep?

  2. Jockey i have never tried to look at the dogs in the evenings as a means to trade, i dont think it would increase too much, the money in the evening will at guess will go onto the football markets, i have seen vast sums traded on mainly the euro chumps league, many £millions.
    I'll see how it goes, but have in the past traded for good profits on the footy.

  3. Hey Ron have recently stumbled accross your blog. Was wondering if you would mind exchanging blog roll links. Have already added your to mine.

    Best of luck with it all,

  4. If you are trading with 20 to 40 stakes, how many ticks you trade to manage and make 2 pounds per race???
    surely not 1 or 2 ticks.

  5. Depends what odds you're trading at and how many times you put that money through the market.

  6. As scapler says it all depens on how many trades you put through, sometimes i work on 2 selections as seen in this post http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hQM9U0KUnQI/SnyWGg1TPJI/AAAAAAAAALU/5qYt8prT2o0/s1600-h/Fridays.jpg

    If i use stakes of £20/40 i depending on odds can make £0.90 or less/more repeat this a couple of times and it soon racks up.

  7. Hi Ronnie,
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