Monday, 26 December 2011

A blogging return

Seems only yesterday that i last posted on here, suffice to say its been a bit longer than that so here i am back, those that know me from the Geeks excellent (community) forum will know that my trading is now almost purely from an in-running prospective around 90/95% of the time you will also know that i put up some of my selections, sometimes these win at beefy odds, but i also put them up with a view to exiting before it wins of or indeed loses, be it at 6 or more ticks.
Also a newer angle i am looking at is selecting more than 1 runner sometimes 3 depending on odds (a dutch if you will) again with a view to exiting before the end of the race, i have added some video's to show the new addition to the Geeks Toy, the in-running interface which is suits this style of playing on BF.
Best watched in large format

Hoping to post most of my picks up on here maybe the night before with thoughts, saves me having to keep them on notepad and dozens of files on my laptop.

Happy xmas whats left of it