Saturday, 1 August 2009

Still having ISP problems

Yesterday i phoned Orange to complain about the drop in my broadband service, before i did i ran speedchecker 1st and foumainly and that at 7.00am i get a 7.5Mb rate, this drops alarmingly to 0.15MB which was the sort of speed i was getting last night, i did manage a spot of trading (more on that in a bit) anyway the guy at Orange says they will do a line check and someone will get back to me with 24hours, well its been 25 now as i ran at 10.00am, so come Monday i will be getting a mac code and going elsewhere, Perhaps BT or Sky.

Yesterdays Evening trading saw me pull a total of £57.32 mainly due to me latching on to 3 drifters, of which one went from 10's to 20's inside 2 minutes, i am using Fairbot as i have found that this is more responsive during my slow broadband period.

Hoping to squeeze in a few hours this afternoon before the fools at orange hit the brakes.



  1. Don't go to Sky mate, they are terrible. If you can't get cable and have to go ADSL it's always best to go to the source ie. BT and cut out the middle-men. I had loads of problems with the reliability of Sky when I first arrived at my new flat and have not had a problem since switching to BT.


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  3. Dave looks like Bt will get my business.

    Easwaran for Trading/Dutching Fairbot is best as for forcasting the moves up or down, well that is best done by a human sadly.

  4. My wonderful Ron
    thanks for responding to my query.
    it is once again thanks for caring to share
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    May Existence bless you with abundance of wellness
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