Saturday, 5 December 2009

Evening races to become twilight racing?

Heard on at the races this evening that there will be changes on scheduled race times for evening races, these will now become twilight racing, i am not happy of that is the case as the bulk of my trading is done on the evenings.

Today was a good day for me, i traded the early races from 11.50 till 13.30 as i was off out to a football match, during this spell my p/l was £32.89, very happy with that i found reading the way i thought the odds would go was a breeze at times having said that i took 2 losses of £2.34 and £2.56.

The evening races at wolves too was very good, i traded on Bee Stinger who's odds were 2.04 to lay which i did for £100, thats the biggest stakes i have used for a long long time, i had offsets set at one so as soon as the lay was taken the back was placed, however the odds on bee stinger drifted all the way up to 3.1 and i was on the ride, backing/laying, taking a tick profit of loss, my total bets were

Bee Stinger * 2.53 3,366.55 Back 5,148.70
Bee Stinger * 2.52 3,378.90 Lay -5,136.34
*Average odds
P/L from this race was £12.36

I had actually worked up to £22.50 odd at one point, but misread the way the odds were going as it was at the end of its drift and close to the off, but more than happy with the eventual return, Bee stinger went on and won the race at betfair starting price of 3.05, i have no idea as to the why the drift but it was easy to spot.

i ended up on a profit for the day of £53.56

Will have a bash tommorow, and a few hours on Monday as i am due to go away for a few days, will be taking the laptop with me, however trading will be a rare even i have favorite Toy installed.

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