Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Because i have had nothing to report, apart from a losing Friday -£33.22,
Saturday i was at a wedding, Sunday was a losing one -£27.56,
Monday due to 2 bad days i decided to leave alone as i was only working a 1/2 so would have ample time todays P/L was £78.65 happy with that.

Both Friday and Sundays losses were due to 2 trades that went a little "wrong" i laid a selection at 11's for £45 hoping the odds would rise i had actually placed my back bet at 12's when whoosh.. someone came in £1000's taking the price all the way down to 8.2 i then had some bad trades where i hedged out taking losses before hitting my limit, had i let 2 of those selections run i would have been down £600+ as they actually won.. so taking the loss was a win for me :)



  1. Hi Ron, first time visitor to your blog. Was wanting to ask if it was quite common for you to try and trade on horses with such high odds, is there any particular reason why you are doing that? Isnt this going to be a whole lot harder than trading lower priced selections with more money.

  2. Hi, i find it easier to trade higher odds in that i can spot when a selection is looking likely to move up or down i have been caught many times trading on the favorite, usually this is the only selection i avoid, to much big money pushing prices up or down or even staying stagnant.