Sunday, 29 November 2009

Saturday and Sundays results.

Well Saturday was a good day for me i traded in 28 markets and ended up profitting to the tune of £30.37, Sunday traded to a profit of £15.48 from 12 markets including 1 of net £0 and -3.92, so weekends total Trading p/l £45.85, but theres more i accidently left a back bet in un-matched for £16.53 and because i have had take sp when it goes in play i was matched at odds of 7.99, the horse was Star Strider which went on and won, i had also traded another selection, i had 3 ladders open and had changed star strider to the other selection, it was 7f race which i was listening too, i only realised i had an open "bet" in the final few yards, as i was listening to betfair radio, i pulled up star strider just as it was hitting odds of 1.01 so i just left and profitted by £128.68, this was nothing more than a fluke, but after losing on trading the stateside races due to the early suspension i was more than happy, i worked out had it lost i would have lost my stake of £16.53 but minus the postion i had traded in the other selection and the days profit i would have been a pound or so up so would not have been a great dissaste, so my weekend Profit ended at £ trading for me till tuesday afternoon,
Till then.


Oh by the way get the TOY, the link is to the right, it is a great Toy !!!


  1. Hey Ron nice results, i'm also finding as long as you act consistanlty these things do tend to even themselves out over time. Do you mind if I ask what unit stake you were using for the trading this weekend? I'm looking for a second application and it looks like I'll be giving The Toy a go soon too. The word on the street is good!

  2. Hi JS, i dont mind if you ask what stakes i use, they are depended on how i feel and the odds 3of the selection, they generally range from £10 to £40, i look to either back or lay 1st then hope to get that 1 tick movement if not i will will back or lay at the same odds for net 0 or loss then look to recoup things, if i have left a trade open i make sure i have take sp that way i am out at the start, far too often in the past i have left a back order in at say odds of 6.00 only to see the horse shoot up to 10/20's never to return same is true of laying 1st only never to go mainly win, yesterday was a lucky fluke as it could have been easily a lay bet that was put in as sp in which case i would have been looking at a 3 figure loss :(
    i got in from work at 5.25 my laptop is/has been running all day as i also use laybotpro to with another account to eck out small wins, which it has again today, wins = £2.12 with 1 loss, i decided to trade the last race at wolves working on 2 horses using stakes of £20, i laid the 1st at 10.50 and then back it almost immediately for a 1 tick profit, i then back another at odds of 6.4 for £20 and laid it at 6.2, greened up for £1.30 odd... :)

    Used the toy again fast and stable, if you use it take your time to get to know it and its lay out also join the forum, lots of info top be cleamed from there.
    I may need to rename the blog, infact i think i will as Betrader is no longer around and i wont be paying for BA anytime soon.


  3. Thanks Ron, sounds like an interesting style you've developed. Mines still developing so I'm not too sure what mine is to be honest! Thanks again for the info, much appreciated.

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