Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thursday, football/racing

This evening i traded horses, making a loss of £3.55, i also traded on a dog at monmore making the hefty sum of £0.06p woohoo, i then moved onto the Football markets, making a couple of pounds on the over/under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 markets, i was watching this match on channel5, and Aab scored with about 8 minutes to go, i backed them to win as Man city didnt lool like scoring i had actually placed the lay bet when Aab were awarded a penalty which they scored, so once the market went inplay again i laid them for a profit of £29.05.

i was the looking around on the betfair site and noted that there was a south american game inplay, and was being shown live on betfair, they were 2-0 up after 25minutes, the odds to back were 1.20 now i dont know nothing about south american football, so i decided just to watch it, 2-0 soon became 3 and i had a look on betrader, market suspends so i sit at 1.04 with £150 not expecting it to be matched once it unsuspends, i place the bet and to my surpise its matched, with the odds then dropping to lay 1.01, i then decided to green up than take the £6 if ends in a win, so the profit is £4.46 as can be seen in the picture, was the easiet 4.46 i have ever made, wish i ahd asked for slightly higher odds now.

So total p/l today is £33.49


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