Sunday, 13 September 2009

Time out.

I have not posted for a while as i have not traded for various reasons, number 1 being my mind set, i lost a very dear and close friend a couple of weeks ago and it has hit me very hard.
I am now sprucing things up on my laptop now that i have sorted out my ISP issues i had, i have gone to BT total broadband option 3.

Looking forward to a return but feel i may be a tad rusty

Cheers and good luck to all


  1. Good to see you back,

    Time is a great healer, ease yourself back in gently.

    Take it easy,


  2. Hi Ronnie,
    Great site and very interested in what you have experienced on the betting front.
    I too have started recently and set up a blog to record my progress and that is
    I have had a free trial of Bet Angel but I must admit I think I could have done with a good lesson on it before starting to play as it did seem to have lots of options.
    Looking at having the trial of Fairbot which I notice you liked, so maybe tempted into a few more scalp bets !
    Good luck and hope to have some banter with you as we both experience the highs and lows.....

  3. Hi Ron,

    I've enjoyed reading through your blog and it was a shame to hear about your loss in this post. Just take your time to get back to normality. I've put a link to your blog on mine

    Take care