Saturday, 28 February 2009

Best day for a long time, Horses, soccer and Rugby

Had a good day today, i traded Soccer, Horses and Rugby taking in a nice days profit of £70.78 of which i am more than happy with, i traded in the early Everton v WBA game in the over/under 2.5 market also in the Juventus v Lazio game, same market.

I also tried with a good success trading the place markets, but i found the prices jump all over the place, just have to hold ones nerve.

In the rugby i traded on the Scotland V Italy game in the Italy +8.5points this was with Scotland leading at 16-3.

Happy Days

Another Video showing 1 tick scalping

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

This evenings Profit and another Trading Video

Only traded on the evening racing then had a quick £20 lay in the over 3.5 goals in the Middlesborough/westham game hedged almost immediately as my daughter was calling me upstairs as she had fallen and hort herself,
Total profit for the evening was £11.17 with no losses on anytrades.
Slow and steady profits towards a holiday.


Another Video "Scalping"

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I finsihed work early and traded from 3.00 o'clock onwards, had 1 nightmare of a trade in the 15.10 at Catterick at odds of 5.3 for £100 with what i thought 8 minutes before the off, placed a lay in for £100 at 5.2 only for the odds to shoot upwards i laid £100 at odds of 5.8 so a 5 tick loss, the odds continued to rise they were at 6.8 at one point, i quickly had a look at the betfair forum to see what was happening, it seemed catterick was running late due to an injury to a jockey, i had hedged accepting the loss of £8.62 across all runners i worked out there was infact 20 minutes before the off, so i decided to work and get the loss down as much as i could, i backed/laid a couple of times and managed to get it down to £3.88.

In the next race i managed to get a couple of ticks profit a couple of times, resulting a total profit of £12.27, swings and roundabouts springs to mind.

a couple of small wins there after and 1 small loss of 0.77p

Heres a good video from the badger


Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday + increasing ones bank as a percentage/compounded

Today started off well, taking in £2.72, then £8.01 from the 1st two races, then in the next the odds moved against me, so i took the loss of £3.96, a couple more of small profitible trades, another loss only bigger because i waited hoping the odds would drop in my favour, which they didnt, well at least this time i did'nt let it go in play as i had £100 "backed" on it at odds of 6.6, had i let it go in play i would have lost a lot more, as the horse fell.
So todays small profit was £7.29.

Want to Double your bank, i read another forum i frequent that in order to double your bank and you are aiming say for 2.5% percent compounded then it would take 28.8 days this is from the power of 72, 72/2.5 = 28.8

So with a 100 pound bank you would be looking at a 1st days profit of £2.5, 2nd day 2.56 ect, by the 28.8 or 29th day your profit target would be around £5.

Of course your daily target could be higher say 5%, 10% the rule is the same
72/5= 14.4 days, 72/10 = 7.2 days of course compounded daily.

Any ways cheers for now.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Todays "effort" + bonus

Well today i started off trading but pre-race but ended up doing some in-running more on that later, my 1st few trades were simple back/lays the 1st 7 races all showing small profits with 1 race scratched and showing a £0, so far so good, i then backed "Paco" for £100 only to again notice i had infact laid it with just seconds before the off, despite placing a lay a few ticks up they were not matched, race suspends then goes off, i hedge to take the loss... -£45.61, of course all my own fault, ihave set a new rule that being i must always check the clock and place no trades if it shows 1 minute 30 seconds.

So my bank is now down £45.61 and standing at £65 odd i decided as i dont do this for a living i would trade in running for a few races that i thought i could read, betrader is very stable and fast so in i plunged i also had the racing channel, before that i made a small loss of £1.25, then a even smaller profit of 10pence.
the 1st race i played in running, returned £16.45, 2nd race i think i read very well as i returned £64.07, having backed it at 1.50 but actually got matched at 2.09 i then laid it a something like 1.10, i had actually traded on this race as you can see in the picture, having backed for £60 at odds of 7.2, then laying at 5.8 then hedging for a small profit.
I decided then and there having gotten back my earlier loss that i would return to Trading.

As you can see in the betfair P/L all but one race turned a profit, i ended up making a total profit for the day of £63.15, inrunning can work but to be honest you really need fast pictures.

Cheers for now.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A welcome return

A "return" as in home not in money :( been away to take in the delights of Leicester went on monday afternoon so no trading from me, now home i mangaged to "extract" £10.11, the 1st race i traded on was by accident and it was the 20:20 at Kempton it was the place market i backed the 2nd fav without thinking the odds i put up were 1.96 for £100, realising what i did i placed a lay in for 1.86 at £100 to my surprised this was taken quickly, this was a good 20 minutes before the off i immediately greened up for a £5.45 profit, think i may start looking the place market as a possible profit maker, i know one of the bloggers only works them, any i then traded the last 2 races taking £2.10 and £2.56 from each, happy with the 1 tick movements as usual.
Decreased the bank today to my "sensible" operating one of £100 as i also stated i would, all past profits transfered to my savings account(holiday account).



Sunday, 15 February 2009

An example 1 tick trade

I have put up the above trade from leopardstown to show how i traded on this race for 1 tick movement as you can see my 2 trades were scratched as the odds move against me.
I laid Savitha for £30 as this is a limit to my bank for 4.7, but the odds didnt move so i backed it for £30 at 4.7 thus cancelling it, i also it this with pistol flash backing 1st then laying for £100 at odds of 4.5.

i then managed to back Savitha for £150 at odds of 4.77 then i laid it for £150 at odds of 4.6, then i greened by pressing the hedge button this laid me £5.31 at odds of 4.8 for a profit across all runners of £5.30 odd.

My bank is now at £180 odd pounds.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

BetTrader pro 4.5

I traded on tonights evening racing at wolverhamptom, i decided to use BetTrader pro and purchased 500 minutes to do so, and it was worth it i made a profit of £29.61 from just my £100 bank, i worked on the 2nd and 3rd favs again, taking 1 tick movements and just building up the profits before the off.

Happy days.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Bounce Backability

Pleased to say i turned a profit today a small but the main thing is after yesterdays in-disipline i stayed focused i even took 3 losses, rather than letting positions go in running luckily i did as 1 of the trades i had layed at the outset went on an won !
Had to top up my BF account to the £100 trading bank, No big movements happy taking the 1 tick movements worked mainly on 2nd or 3rd favs

so Profit today £18.68, a relative easy afternoon which i took off work on the assumption i would do some household chores :)

I see Adam heathcote has uploaded a video of his trades, if you have not read his blog i suggest you do, a good read mind the figures he makes are incredible "states he has topped up his bank to £10000 !!!! " ready for the big race meetings as more money is availible will be interesting to see how much he returns.
As for the video i have downloaded it but it is in MP4 format so i am now downloading a player, hope its worth it.


for now.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Greed the old enemy

Well i started off well today, taking in £12 after 2 races however this was not to last as i traded on the 3rd race, i didnt realise how close to the off i was and backed for £100 with the intention of laying it off, of course the odds shot upwards and i decided to wait and see if they came in as the Horse was fancied (must have been a blind mans fancy) by the time i had decided to lay it i was looking at a big loss even after i hedged it was so long £65...

Hey ho lesson learned, should have closed the postioned immediately.

Oh well theres always tommorrow.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Betfair Screws up?

Just tried to access betfair, can get to the main page and it says zero funds in main wallet, cannot access, account, p/l or the forum... tried ringing nothing as i am at work and its lunch i only have a short period.... NOT Happy.


Betfair is currently unavailable. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dogs tonight/ Interesting

No i didnt trade on any of them, but watched the Wimbledon dogs (well on Bet-IE) the amount of money matched was amazing in one of the races some £480K was matched that is equal to sme UK racing at times, now what i did notice was that the races were in-play and it was obvious which dog was in front, the chances of placing a back to lay trade in-running were there, perhaps for a few ticks profit.
Maybe something in the future, i am assuming these races from wimbledon are on live TV (Sky Sports).

Todays P/L

Well i had an enforced day off, as my daughter was ill and had the day of school and as a single dad i had no choice, she spent most of the day tucked up in bed asleep, i decided i would have an afternoon on the Exchange, again using my small bank of £100 i managed to turn a days profit of £26.69 more than happy with that i traded a total of 11 races with 1 loss of -£1.75, i made a right hash of things and just cut out the loss.
I have had questions as to why my profits are small compared to others well?

as i state in my blog i am happy at anysize profit, i dont do this for a living,i dont need to, i have a well paying job last year i was some months taking £1000+ but found the tension of laying/backing with bigger stakes just too much so i would lose my concentration, i take my hat off to the guys that do this for a living, the only way i could head down that road would be if i were to become unemployed, then ion would consider this as a short term thing.

Also my P/L are the real thing...

Monday, 9 February 2009

Todays dabble

Well despite the toothache that i have had for a couple of days now,i was at work had a late lunch and logged into my Laptop but only managed to run 1 trade !!! the Plumpton 2.35, i Layed wind instrument for £25 at 4.5, i then lost connection for a bout 1 minute or so, i log in via the works server to my laptop at home, anyway re-connection and the race in just going in play, the race started and the back odds were up on what i had laid for around 4.9, so i pressed the hedge button but got matched at 5.8 for £21.23, this left me with £3.77 on the other runners or £14.40 on Wind Instrument, i decided to just let it run and that was it 1 trade, i won £3.77


i then logged into Laypotpro deciding to just let that run for the remainder of the day, my settings were profit target £4.00, max loss £4.00, stakes £0.40, you can see the results in the attached photo, i ran as i tend to do when chasing a small profit and small loss limit with a 100% recovery, this was activated for the 19.27 at romford as it won, meaning i had to lay the next selection for £1.76 for odds of 3.85 luckily it lost, also the previous race at romford was voided even though it shows as matched due to the Bunny doing something funny..:)

cheers for now.

Dentist on Wednesday morning.... looks like its a tooth out Ochhhhh !

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ah the pain

No trading from me today, yesterday was spent at a football match, was annoyed as no evening racing.
This morning i woke up and promtly cracked a tooth and now i am suffering with tooth ache, so i am i will be looking to setup with a dentist soon, as i have posted before i have to be in the right frame of mind and when i am in pain i am not hence zero trades, theres always tommorrow or the next day..

Friday, 6 February 2009

Gadget boy :)

Well today i bought an add on module for BET-IE, i had been uming and ahhing about buying for a long time, it is called LAZ-IE Trader it has alerts which shows when a trade is going to drift or steam away, well it claims this in any case, by changing colour, giving a graphic and a numerical indication, i "trailed" it over many races not using any of my bank, i finally took the plunge on the last race at Wolves, i backed Changing of the Guard for £50 at odds of 4.4 this was after it had drifted out and the laz-ie was gving indications of a price drop which it duly did, i pressed the Hedge button and laid it at 4.0 for £45 giving me a profit of £5.

so now i have Bet-IE, Laz-ie, Fairbot, betrader, Bet Angel and a bot for full fautomation..... i do like my toys :) as i called my blog for FUN... then its only right i enjoy the toys....
looking forward to using the LAZ-IE for a whole day, i watched one runner drop as indicated from 12's to 7's

profit for the day a whopping £5.00 minus 0.25p commision bank was reset to £100 so a 4.75% which is by far better than the banks are now offering.



Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I ran the bot today, 1st time for a little while i use betbotpro which in the right hands will work for someone who knows how to read Greyhound or indeed horse form (i dont) it is possible to back or lay selections.

anyway i laid favs only in dog racing, had my profit set at £8.00 and stop loss at £4.00 using 0.50pence stakes, as you can see from the image i achieved the £8 despite some minor losses, this is not the full picture as there some other wins and losses with profit achieved at 14.47. , i set recovery at a full 100% which is risky as stakes get bigger so hence the stop of £4

anyhows reason for running the bot us i am not long in from work, the football LFC/EFC has 4 minutes to go, not sure i can risk trading with little time left.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Free Bet

I am toying with a new angle taking the Free bet ie
Back the Favorite odds say 4.4 with £50 then if the odds drop to say 4.2 lay for £50 this would in effect give a free bet of £9.50, i could of course lay it at 4.2 for £2.20 for a guranteed profit, of course the odds could be more or less, i could repeat the back and lay operations acouple of times, having a profit on the 1 runner and £0 on all the others, of course i could then place a lay bet at 3's or less thus ensuring a bigger profit.
as long as i have £0 on all other runners then i would be in no danger of losing anything, the rewards may be bigger.

i had no trades today due to work.


Monday, 2 February 2009

Tonights quick trade

Well i decided to have a dabble on the soccer market Kaiserlauten v Mainz, i had no clue as to what time they kicked off thinking it may be 7.30 gmt but it was infact 7.15, i think some one scored after 10 minutes as the Graph showed a steep drop in the odds in the over 2.5 goals, so i waited till it settled again and quickly laid the under 2.5 for £100 at odds of 1.42, meaning liabity was £42 should i lose, i decided i would wait till the odds hit 1.70 then i would press the autohedge button and take the profit which was £16.47 - BF's commision of 5%, whilst typing this the odds have now reached 1.82, which means had i hedge now profit could have been £20 odd pence.

still i am happy as its profit in the bank and i wanted a quick get in and out

All weather Racing REALLY ?

No uk Racing as Southall, Woverhampton and Kempton all fall to the weather, i think they should rename these courses to "Depends on what type of weather racing" all weather my backside, why am i miffed because i had the afternoon off workand twiddled my thumbs :)

Trading opportunety tonight Kaiserlautern v Mainz i will be working the under 2.5 goals market only looking for a quick lay then back/green up hoping to be in and out after 10 minutes.


Sunday, 1 February 2009

Trading "how is it done>?"

Thats the question i am asked many times, i had an email the yesterday asking for pointers, well i am no expert and can only show what i do, i have put 2x trades up from this after noon, showing how i have backed then layed when the odds have come in then layed again to ensure the profits.
Profit for today was £33.77p over 9 markets.