Friday, 12 June 2009

Using small stakes

I have put up the above images to show that profits can be made using small stakes of £30, i found the selections i traded on relatively pain free in that i read the market, this allowed me to make a profit of £7 on this race alone, this was one of the best trades of the day, i lost on 3 markets for a total of £3.42 but won on all others except 1 where i scratched for a net £0. total profit was £54.21


  1. You should be a full time trader, Ron. You get better returns than many using £1000 banks. What do you think of the Bet trader graphs? Personally. I reckon they're pretty inadequate, especially compared to Bet Angel

  2. Hi paul

    When i load up a market i have a quick glance at the Graphs just to see where the "action" has been before deciding which one to work on, but i agree with your comments they are well behind those of Betangel, infact i think Betrader is behind the new version of Betangel i had a weeks trail with it and i was impressed, i have 1 more day before i go on hoilday for a few weeks, i'll then get betangel for the month and give it a real go, as for fulltime... i'd love to but it would take away the fun element which i enjoy :)