Monday, 8 June 2009

A run of losses

I have just had my worse run of losses, 4 days on the trot :( i have set goals as to losing days, i dont set levels for profit, i am happy to take a £1 to £100 profit, but my levels for losses are -£25, guess what i have hit that on 4 days running, meaning i am down £100+ it also means my bank is low, very !! so will need topping up.
How did i end up making these losses, well poor disipline, you know you lay x for £x waiting for the price to rise, but it drops and you sit there watching it go from a £1.50 loss to £3, £7, £12.90 hoping it will rise, but it does'nt so you hedge out at £18.78, i am annoyed with my self as the losses incurred could have been so much smaller and because i hit my loss limits, i stopped if they had been smaller losses i could have at least tried to "stay" in the zone.

Hey ho
theres always later on and tommorow.



  1. Hi Ron,

    It must be the time of year. At least you are taking your losses. I cant seem to at the moment which has resulted in my bank going awol. I hope you get back on track soon.

    I have added a link to your blog and wondered if you wouldn't mind returning the favour.

    All the best.

  2. Hey Steve
    no worries i have added your blog read a little and will do more later, i note that you are in Shropshire having retured? well you are in good company as i live this fair county too.

  3. Cheers Ron,

    Not back in Shrewsbury yet, moving back at the end of the week.

    Good to see you in profit for today.