Thursday, 11 June 2009

Taking a loss.

I have posted up a picture of a loss i took this evening not a massive one but a loss none the same, i had backed this selection for £30 at 8.8 but the odds shot up, i hedged out for a £1.90 loss across all runners, had i held my nerve as you will the odds had come down to 6.8.. so i missed out, but my point is i ma willing to take losses before they get too big, i didnt think the it would drop in odds.. hey ho it was my only loss, I have posted this image as there are other blogs out there saying how people never post videos/images shoing losses, this was in response to another blogger who has given up, after placing either a back or a lay seconds before the off then being unable to get "get out in-running" losing some £200+ he then placed the remainder of his bank on an odds on fav in a 4 horse race (£175) hoping to get some of his money back, sadly the horse lost, crazy as that was just gambling, if i am trading i try not to place anything with a minute to go.

anyway an interesting read here

i only traded on 12 markets 11 wins 1 loss for a profit of £20.02, i seemed to struggle this evening with Betrader it seemed so slow and unresponsive, again i was working on the 3rd,4th,5th or 6th fav depending on odds and found 1 drifter :)

Yesterday was interesting, i cannot recal which race it was but there was a faller in the later stages of a flat race, i was monitoring the odds in relation to At the races when one of the leading horses had £4000+ to lay at daft odds, some was matched when all of a sudden the odds shoot skywards, it was then that the commentry said there was in fact a faller, it seems really fast pictures does indeed work... by a good 4 to 6seconds.

Cheers for now

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