Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Days of annoyance

started off well, taking a couple of pounds profit, i then backed a selection for £60 and placed the lay in 1 tick down, the odds suddenly went upwards at a remarkable rate, infact too much in that i could get a lay order in as my bank was not sufficient, so i was sitting there staring at £60 pound loss, i had no option but to let it go in play and hope the odds would come down enough for me to get out at a small loss of course this was not to be and i hedged for a £40.28 loss, this reduced my bank to £89.31, i was determined to get some of that back from the remaining races of the afternoon and evening so set about it and had 1 loss from the remaining races, i ended the day on a Profit of £5.24
But dont you just hate it when a trade just jumps without no reason? we were talking 4,5,6 ticks.. you just cannot tell when its going to happen nor reacted fast enough.


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