Thursday, 19 February 2009

A welcome return

A "return" as in home not in money :( been away to take in the delights of Leicester went on monday afternoon so no trading from me, now home i mangaged to "extract" £10.11, the 1st race i traded on was by accident and it was the 20:20 at Kempton it was the place market i backed the 2nd fav without thinking the odds i put up were 1.96 for £100, realising what i did i placed a lay in for 1.86 at £100 to my surprised this was taken quickly, this was a good 20 minutes before the off i immediately greened up for a £5.45 profit, think i may start looking the place market as a possible profit maker, i know one of the bloggers only works them, any i then traded the last 2 races taking £2.10 and £2.56 from each, happy with the 1 tick movements as usual.
Decreased the bank today to my "sensible" operating one of £100 as i also stated i would, all past profits transfered to my savings account(holiday account).



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