Friday, 13 February 2009

Bounce Backability

Pleased to say i turned a profit today a small but the main thing is after yesterdays in-disipline i stayed focused i even took 3 losses, rather than letting positions go in running luckily i did as 1 of the trades i had layed at the outset went on an won !
Had to top up my BF account to the £100 trading bank, No big movements happy taking the 1 tick movements worked mainly on 2nd or 3rd favs

so Profit today £18.68, a relative easy afternoon which i took off work on the assumption i would do some household chores :)

I see Adam heathcote has uploaded a video of his trades, if you have not read his blog i suggest you do, a good read mind the figures he makes are incredible "states he has topped up his bank to £10000 !!!! " ready for the big race meetings as more money is availible will be interesting to see how much he returns.
As for the video i have downloaded it but it is in MP4 format so i am now downloading a player, hope its worth it.


for now.

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  1. made the cardinal mistake today, Ron, of letting a bet go in play after the trade went the wrong way. Watched in mute horror as £100 went south double quick. The same old story as everyone else! Lets hope it's a lesson learned. What a tool!