Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Free Bet

I am toying with a new angle taking the Free bet ie
Back the Favorite odds say 4.4 with £50 then if the odds drop to say 4.2 lay for £50 this would in effect give a free bet of £9.50, i could of course lay it at 4.2 for £2.20 for a guranteed profit, of course the odds could be more or less, i could repeat the back and lay operations acouple of times, having a profit on the 1 runner and £0 on all the others, of course i could then place a lay bet at 3's or less thus ensuring a bigger profit.
as long as i have £0 on all other runners then i would be in no danger of losing anything, the rewards may be bigger.

i had no trades today due to work.



  1. I have been playing about with a variation on the free bet idea on football markets recently where rather than greening up with equal results I have been leaving a larger amount on my expected result usually increasing my profit on those markets although It did cost me a bit on the Burnley game tonight. Never really thought of trying it on the horses,be interested to see how you get on.

  2. Green up Ron - for every race that works for you 4 or 5 will fail and the green up is the best over the long term