Sunday, 15 February 2009

An example 1 tick trade

I have put up the above trade from leopardstown to show how i traded on this race for 1 tick movement as you can see my 2 trades were scratched as the odds move against me.
I laid Savitha for £30 as this is a limit to my bank for 4.7, but the odds didnt move so i backed it for £30 at 4.7 thus cancelling it, i also it this with pistol flash backing 1st then laying for £100 at odds of 4.5.

i then managed to back Savitha for £150 at odds of 4.77 then i laid it for £150 at odds of 4.6, then i greened by pressing the hedge button this laid me £5.31 at odds of 4.8 for a profit across all runners of £5.30 odd.

My bank is now at £180 odd pounds.

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