Sunday, 22 February 2009

Todays "effort" + bonus

Well today i started off trading but pre-race but ended up doing some in-running more on that later, my 1st few trades were simple back/lays the 1st 7 races all showing small profits with 1 race scratched and showing a £0, so far so good, i then backed "Paco" for £100 only to again notice i had infact laid it with just seconds before the off, despite placing a lay a few ticks up they were not matched, race suspends then goes off, i hedge to take the loss... -£45.61, of course all my own fault, ihave set a new rule that being i must always check the clock and place no trades if it shows 1 minute 30 seconds.

So my bank is now down £45.61 and standing at £65 odd i decided as i dont do this for a living i would trade in running for a few races that i thought i could read, betrader is very stable and fast so in i plunged i also had the racing channel, before that i made a small loss of £1.25, then a even smaller profit of 10pence.
the 1st race i played in running, returned £16.45, 2nd race i think i read very well as i returned £64.07, having backed it at 1.50 but actually got matched at 2.09 i then laid it a something like 1.10, i had actually traded on this race as you can see in the picture, having backed for £60 at odds of 7.2, then laying at 5.8 then hedging for a small profit.
I decided then and there having gotten back my earlier loss that i would return to Trading.

As you can see in the betfair P/L all but one race turned a profit, i ended up making a total profit for the day of £63.15, inrunning can work but to be honest you really need fast pictures.

Cheers for now.

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